Buying Weapons at Low Level?

It’s not worth is it? Even with reinforcement tokens in the game? For instance the winter bow that is being sold now???

Plus what should I do with low level legendary weapons I already have sitting in my inventory?

Much appreciate your wisdom people!


  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 611
    Depends on how low it actually is. We do have seasonal events were weapons gone be got for just spending 1600 gold on distance resetts. Do you have a guild?
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 611
    Guild rewards help alot with improvement. I believe you are returning from time away?
  • Demonux626Demonux626 Member Posts: 12
    Yeah I just got back! And council level 11, I have a guild and it’s okay I guess, but idk anyone and might not stay there long as it doesn’t have too many active players.

    So I am guessing that’s too low?
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 611
    Yes wait to spend money.
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 611
    edited August 2019
    If want my guild has 5 guilds Dead stalkers. We use line to chat maybe we cam make room for you in one of them. We have a great tips chat. And fun chat. We use line app. If you can get it message me id is. rogue1987. Going to church ill be back on a little after.
  • Demonux626Demonux626 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks rogue, for all the help and yeah I am interested! I am talking with one of your Guildies on how to join.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,938
    I’d say that at your level I would hold off buying any weapons even with reinforcement tokens. Probably wait until your survivors are level 19/20 at a minimum. You’ll move through the levels before that too quickly to amass enough reinforcement tokens. Am sure you’ll get loads of help from the dead stalkers for more details!
  • booshboosh Member Posts: 374
    @Demonux626 definitely hold off on major gear purchases and look more to boosters to get your level up if you buy anything. Dead Stalkers will hook you up. I'd been playing the game for years and still was able to improve my personal best by 300 stars with tips once I joined. Hopefully see you soon!
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