Alexandria & Terminus, No Man's land is no place for Narnia



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    People that pay deserve a little more. Totally okay with that. I am happy where i am at. I have spent maybe 150 on game in 3 years. Mostly Google rewards and Xmas gift cards. I am happy where I am at getting to 39 round not buying gas.
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 604
    Glade to hear @Narnia well put and eloquent.
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    Resubmitted my retirement papers to the board last night and until Guild Wars is fixed. DoomSlayer is out!
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    > @reekookr said:
    > @vshield50 Thats a far fetched theory. One the most expensive game ive played is free to play game, because its just pure awesomeness and i totally want them to succeed, and they sold last year their company 100mil deal to tencent and still get to say how they run it. You cant buy your way to the top with that game, like you just pay to win in this game. I think its sad how you think p2w is normal, where as i come from competetive fps games and grindy arpg, where people train actual skills/knowledge. Here you could skip skill and just buy more success. Paying totally changes the game (morgan staff, spears) that you just cant aquire by playing the game normally
    > To me, paying real money to get through level in a game would same as downloading a cheat and feeling proud of myself after that, stupid. Doesnt mean your stupid, but these are just my values in life/game

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    "Toggling auto-cover on/off"

    Was that so difficult?
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    > @Narnia said:
    > @tallinie @rogueDS and a few other great people that reached out to me regularly, I have tentatively redownloaded the game, I'll work on devoting a little bit of time to it. @tallinie the badgeless duo is back for extroardinary distance
    > @Fluxxx That's information that is positive! I'll give this a shot, but I plead with NG staff, please debug this new challenge format, beta test it (I'm available, among others) do whatever you can for the players this time in regards to reformatted challenge structure. It will not take much, small mistakes will have severe negative effects in my opinion. So for the love of the game, please take every opportunity to debug and full-proof this challenge change, because many people are still pissy about the dynamic round passes issue. Please add a difficulty level to the Distance, and keep working on new map layouts, you guys have done great jobs at revamping maps IMO. Also, I urge you to fix Daryl's Nightmare in the Rise Up Against Negan map set (I think?) That set was also a great example of NG challenge set success IMO.
    > A lot of people have reached out to me in regards to this game. I'm very appreciative of that, this community is extremely tight-knit and full of great and valuable friends. It is because of this that I will continue to give the game a shot, but "retired" will certainly at least mean part time at best!

    Good one! About distance maybe it would be better, make extra rounds 1, 2 or 3 with harder difficult 42 43 45, once u finish hard mode u will be offered for extra rounds with good gifts, and that won't hit on those who very very tight finish hard mode of distance...
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