the workshop

Sorry! I'm not sure if this question is the correct category, but, I've heard that if the items in your workshop are of "epic" or "legendary" status then you can hold more than the 300 capacity ?
Many thanks @Scottie


  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    That's correct.

    Only green and below - if not equipped - gets auto-scrapped if you have more than 300 pieces in total.
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  • ScottieScottie Member Posts: 107
    Thanks @Jaden,
    I just wanted to make sure before informed the rest of my guild as I'm sure that's a right handy tip. Cheers again @Scottie
  • ScottieScottie Member Posts: 107
    Thanks again @Psychwolf, I'm sure you've given my advice before
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