Nightly visitors +45 RSL



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    @psychwolf are you just calling MVN out or accusing Stelio of not playing fair as well? How far the list are you going down? Michi? Savannah guy? What would be an acceptable score? Also what if NG come out and say we’ve checked these players and they played fair? Would you accept the answer or just accuse NG of not checking enough? If you could clear 44.2 nightly visitors the it would be 6 more rounds of master missions before you had to do it again. Deer in the headlights enough gold and get 3 boxes. Emergency evac - could be done at 50 plus. Then pyre. Midnight snack at 52 could be amazing tricky I imagine that stopped higher scores but get that done and it’s an easy round for narrow path. Basically it’s possible after 44.2 not to do nightly visitors again. I’m not saying that MVN didn’t cheat but calling it out on a public forum rather than taking it to fluxxx directly probably wasn’t needed.
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    all I’m hearing is just a bunch of whining.

    I’m sure there are those that cheat. There always is and always will be, and we move on and keep going. Why would you let some cheaters get you all bothered and clearly mad. It’s just a game, have fun with it. When a game starts making you mad enough to make a hate thread about it, take a break.

    Also, I’m sure there are those big spenders and very talented that can achieve this. 10 star survivors with maxed gear and maxed badges with a little bit of luck and lots of gold and time. Money talks in this game.
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    Rich <> Poor
    Smart <> Stupid ( ok, not smart )
    True Gamers <> Wannabe Gamers
    Hardcore Players <> Casual Players

    What else is there?????
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    I love Rufus talk!!! Finally someone gots mine beat.
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    BWils said:

    @vshield50 ... you have some work to do, just saying

    cucumbers did not work with revenge? or fixed?
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    > @Ermaks said:
    > (Quote)
    > cucumbers did not work with revenge? or fixed?

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    @Fluxxx And what was the punishment? 1 week ban?
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    @vshield50 that guy's very busy this week I invited him to my house we are inventing new ways to cheat without being detected
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