Got a refund for a purchase, but bundle wasn't removed, and NG doesn't respond

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Hi, a devoted TWD: NML gamer here, with more than 150 euros (170+ dollars) spent on more into this game, as a sign of my support to NextGames. This translates into dozens of bundle purchases from the game's store (most of them were legendary weapons and hero tokens). There were however 2 bundles which were Reinforcement token bundles I regretted and asked for a refund. Google refunded me and warned me I may lose access to the purchased tokens, which is no problem for me, since I don't want them. I also asked from NextGames (both via in-game Help and via email) to remove the tokens from my game. But they havn't responded to my messages. Are the support queries long? Or are they simply not caring? What should I do?


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    They don't work on weekends so maybe it'll just take some more time for them to respond.
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    My experience is they don't bother taking back what was purchased.
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    Google or Apple doesn't want unhappy customers. But NG loves them. They probably have a spreadsheet with the benefits of having unhappy players.
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    Thanks alot dear people for your responses. OK I will just relax and enjoy game. If they decide to remove the tokens, they are free to do so, it is their game after all. Have a good day!!!
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    Hey, thanks for reporting this :) Support will get back to you and remove the tokens.
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