Lost access to account

@Fluxxx i put in a support ticket, but i was told by guildies to tag you, if im not supposed to do that, apologies

Lost access to Niko, my level 72 account in wild walking 3
Email [email protected]
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  • CarolsJusticeCarolsJustice Member Posts: 1
    Please help I was trying to open my game and I accidentally hit something up on the top right and it kicked me out of the game and no matter what I try when it starts to open up as soon as you can see the home page of the game it kicks me out. I’ve tried turning off my phone, going through the App Store. Nothing. It just kicks me out. Please help me get my game back
  • flyingcowkingflyingcowking Member Posts: 409
    @CarolsJustice I resolved mine through an in-game ticket, i suggest the same to you sir.
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