AFK Feature Idea for NML

I have an idea for those who cannot be very active and/or want to put survivors who aren’t used very much to a purpose.

In the game Final Fantasy Tactics, there was a feature where you would send out squads to investigate old world ruins, they vanish for a number of turns and return with a report on how successful it was and what they found. Reward is XP and sometimes unlocking new areas to find better stuff.

My idea is setting having something similar in No Mans Land, you select anywhere between 1-6 survivors and send them out on long run missions.

Let’s just say for example “Investigate Abandoned Neighborhood,” you select the survivors you want to go out, select how long you want them to leave like one to seven days for example. The longer the survivors are gone the more stuff, food and experience points they return with.

Heck, just for added effect they can locate other survivors of random rank, level and class which can be kept or traded for tokens. Have a feature to recall them which costs gold and they only come back with whatever stuff is within the time period are gone.

For laughs even allow for a debriefing which is just a written dialog with the characters sent out and it’s something like:

Rufus: “We set out for the Old Mill with high hopes in finding supplies!”
Sasha: “I was skeptical we wouldn’t find much but we got lucky on this run!”
Rufus: “Rick got drunk and shot off his gun like a madman, alerting a large band of walkers to our camp.”
Rick: “ bad! I was celebrating my birthday.”
Sasha: “It would have been curtains for us but we took refuge in an old home and to our surprise, we found a large stash of weapons!”
Rick: “Happy birthday to me!”
Rufus: “Over all, our luck couldn’t have been better!”

You know, something silly but also fun!

Anyway, something like this would help prevent burnout and even elevate stress from heavy grinding.


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    They have this in Fallout Shelter as a core feature. It's one I was thinking of suggesting too. I believe it would improve the game. Make some of the prizes (7 day journeys) Reroll tokens, reinforcement tokens and epic / legendary badge fragments. Perhaps differing difficulties with percentages of success based on mission type versus gear, traits and levels etc.
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    Cool idea. It would give some use to heroes like Ezekiel, Jerry, Carl, etc. etc. etc.
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 411
    Only if it could be potentially Deadly (and, thus, the killed character[s] end up in the Memorial Tent).

    if a Hero, you could begin to unlock again. If a normal, maybe you'll get lucky and find another one like them from a radio call. Plus... the gear used by the character(s) is GONE. I'd mitigate that to behave as if the gear was sold/Scrapped, so you at least get back some of the XP. But failure, of course, means none of the rewards from the 'Roaming Mission'....

    Why so harsh, you ask?
    1) Such Roaming Missions basically reward folks that already have the most stuff. I've probably got, oh, 20 nerds that I almost never use. Good, 6* nerds. I would have those nerds out roaming for gear 24/7. Without the death on the line, I am taking no risk at all: pure reward. The most-egregious of all virtuous cycle (AKA rich get richer).
    2) The thematic idea is that these roamers are like Michonne sailing off in the comics. WAY outside of comfort zone; almost ZERO chance of even recovering a body; gear dragged to the deep, ripped to tatters by feeding Zs, found by other survivors closer to the site of failure.
    3) I could actually have nerds in my (empty) Memorial Tent! :wink:
    4) I could finish the one Google Play Achievement that I is still undone (assuming Roaming = "Deadly"). :joy:

    Joking aside (3 & 4), I really don't think such only-for-the-folks-with-surplus systems are best for the game. Starting and middle players would only really benefit from, like, sending out a Roaming Mission when they knew that they'd be out of town or something. Meanwhile, endgame players could have one (or more?) going at all times.

    Now... how would the chance of failure be calculated? Ah! THAT's a fun thought experiment.
    I imagine something that takes into account 'distance' (AKA how long it will tie up the team), quality of gear risked, quality of nerds risked, and possibly 'target' (if one could pick from different types of Roaming Missions, on a sliding scale of reward quality/type... maybe that's essentially the same as 'distance'?).

    Great idea, otherwise! It just gotta have some TEETH!
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