Can we unlock Alpha using Radio Calls after the Fall Season is over?

Can we unlock Alpha using Radio Calls after the Fall Season is over? I'm only level 12 and I find very stressful the idea of beating the Distance whose levels are too high for any of my characters, even on Normal mode. This dims my prospects of getting Alpha using Fall tokens so I was wondering if can she be obtained via radio calls?

A last question: as someone who is new to the game and I hate the idea of playing a game that has unobtainable characters: is Alpha the only exclusive character in the game, or are there more exclusive chars for which new comers such as me, have lost their chance of unlocking?


  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 103
    For sure there will be 2x Alpha radio call days and bundles in the shop, after the Fall season, otherwise all the players who have Alpha will complain bitterly they can't promote her to a higher level. My history has been 3 tokens per radio on those type of calls so the Fall season's 500 Alpha tokens will be equivalent to about 167 radios used on a 2x calls day for her.
  • SilentResidentSilentResident Member Posts: 8
    Awesome, thank you both!!! ❤️
  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 103
    @WellyLuga there's not actually all that much left of this year, Christmas will be here before you know it.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 261
    My guess is that she will first appear in a 40 radio call sometime after the midseason finale of TWD. Also, her tokens will probably start to appear in Season missions and their replays. Maybe by Christmas we will get a regular Alpha call. Some time next year her ×2 call will drop. It is known.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 2,695
    Yes there first few times we see Alpha in calls it will likely be 40-call herofest and then single 15-call, and neither will be x2 tokens.

    But we'll spend the radios anyway because we want her at 5-star... Except @bladgier who has the willpower of the gods.
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  • KriegKrieg Member Posts: 218
    Don't expect to see any x2 Alpha calls anytime soon. There will be several 1x calls before that happens.
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