Alpha and Beta

ophieophie Member Posts: 20
Alpha surely must be a character in the game. U need to know a ton of women watch this show and love beautiful men. Like Rick and Daryl. In the real world, woman love Ryan Hurst. Please make him a game character, even though he wears an awful dead mask. We know how beautiful he is under there. Make the women happy💜💜💜


  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 675
    Hey, hey, hey... Ryan Hurst will make the guys happy too ;)
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 537
    OPIE! OPIE! OPIE! o:)
    R.I.P. :'(
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,429

    Ooooo. Opie Beta, ok.

    I threesomed it for the original 3 identical threads lol

  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 537
    @Jenng !
    You didn't watch Sons of Anarchy!?!? :o
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,429
    Oh I did. And that weirdass mountain man show he was on too lol

  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 537
    Yep. Remember the Titans. ;)
    Just kiddin'. Outsiders. Definitely weird.
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 537
    A Hero Beta would be a pretty cool follow-up to Alpha! He could either be a Warrior, slinging that machete, or a Bruiser. As a Bruiser he wouldn't need a weapon since he just grabs walkers and smashes their heads into walls! :p
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 493
    Bruiser with new Brass Knuckles weapon. :wink:
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