How did your IGN develop?

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I'm sure many are interested in hearing how some of these thoughtful IGNs were developed!
I'm curious on
@Whomever else that wishes to participate

My IGN is Pic if you don't know me. I'm one of the founders of Mavericks. And now the head leader

My IGN originated when I was a young kid. I was in and out of programs. Not the let's help a kid grow the let's slave the kid til he understands the meaning of work program. I was located at a boot camp a friend of mine named Martin always had a problem pronouncing my last name. Idk if you know but you go by last names in facilities like this.
He began to call me Pic my last name being piccolo. I called hlm "A Dog" we both related because we had asthma and we shouldn't have been their to begin with.
Then after awhile a deputy named Ms Snypes started calling me that. It was catchy. So I kept it.
They worked Martin to hard and he died reaching for his Inhailer. I was 10 feet away. But I wasn't
allowed to leave the line. Martin died that day. Due to the lack of medical knowledge they know. On top of him not breathing.. They pepper sprayed him for not follow directions. So I've kept the name. It fits me.
I could have saved his life. I'd like to think so..
Any other interesting facts about your IGN? RIP Martin Anderson case. Martin Lee Anderson (c. January 15, 1991 – January 6, 2006) was a 14-year-old from Florida who died while incarcerated at a boot camp-style youth detention center, the Bay County Boot Camp, located in Panama City, Florida, and operated by the Bay County Sheriff's Office.


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    Ty tm ❤️
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    That is damn awesome. And a cool ign at that.
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    Awesome @bladgier and @Troublemaker
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    Nobody else? Jesus
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    Tbh it's not a bad IGN. Didn't think it was that simple. @StHall
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