Action Point strategy

I'm considering building a team with Hilltop Maggie or Michonne as the leader in order to generate action points. If the other survivors have Lucky traits, would that increase their chances of receiving an action point? I've also rerolled one of the traits on Hilltop Maggie so she now has Lucky as well. I presume this would increase her chances of receiving an action point but do nothing to increase the chances for another survivor, correct?

Also, how does the Swift Strike trait on weapons factor into this?


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,230
    That's a very long conversation...

    ... On Master Mission Wednesday.

    I'll start by saying you're on the right track. Except for the Widow part. She's ok but not good enough for those kind of strats.

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    Just "ok" ?

  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,524
    Swift strike will stack with Michonne's but not Maggie's. SS/Michonne's is activated off a kill whereas Maggie's is purely based off an attack on a special walker (armoured, tank, spiked, metalhead and fast) whether it's is a kill or not.
  • magicmagic Member Posts: 197
    Swift Strike gives 40% chance to get an action point on kills, this is a scout only weapon trait.
    Michonne gives 22%+ chance to get an action point on kills.
    Hilltop Maggie gives 24%+ chance to get an action point on attacking non-normal walkers or humans.

    Its probably easiest to combine Michonne Leadership with a scout with SS weapon. Lets say you have lucky on weapon and on scout, then you might get 36% lucky.

    I guess you would get 40%+22% = 62% base chance, with luck (62% * 1.36) 84% chance of triggering extra action point on kill.

    Gabriel which is a scout have a greater chance of having traits activate, and would probably increase the chance further.

    I am not sure how high Michonne's leadership ability goes, but if it goes to, lets say 34%, you should be able to get to 100% chance of this skill triggering. So if you are able to kill every normal walker with one hit it would be kind of cool.
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