ReRolls are a joke.

My last 9 rerolls were "unsuccessful" on various heros. Since you love to throw around the word Raaandom NG games, let's talk about how raaandom the slot games are. Let's have a look at your revenue as a result of your raaandom number generator and see if it resembles the numbers generated by slots and games of chance. Reroll tokens aren't offered for sale but once or twice a month to increase anticipation. Let's look at the successes v.s failures that have occurred in the last 30 days with claimed traits by means of rerolls. You guys compensate loss via perks at a drizzle with those rerolls and feel justified. It feels really cheap on my end. Collusion is a stinky cologne.

Let's ask how many people that play this game want bullet dodge on their heros. I've had it in my last 4 rolls. You know those traits are garbage when you assign them to heros that are released them for play. You plan ahead for rerolls knowing that if Eugene has 3 traits needing to be rerolled it will require at minimum, 6 rerolls to accomplish the task. But you made sure to give him a highly sought after leader trait to entice folks into the quest. You put out HD with a reroll In mind. I have had some success with rerolls and it's great. I expect a few misses. I am saying it is beginning to seem unporportioned, in NG's favor. You took a good thing and messed it up as predicted. I am so surprised another reroll was a complete flop. A big round of applause to you for offering us rerolls at all. We should be so thankful that Carl, Aaron and Survivalist Rick are literally the only 3 heros not requiring at least one reroll. You all are just too kind.
My head is in a bucket of ice cooling off. I want to add that I took extra care to exercise self control composing this post.


  • TWDaddictionTWDaddiction Member Posts: 490
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    Just being honest on my part, I’ve had great success overall. Yes I’ve had some rough ones, but overall it’s worked out well for me.

    Cool thing too is, we can get reroll tokens free. Yes it takes time, but they are offered free.

    And the update allowing no 2 same traits was a huge deal also.

    As far as heroes go, HD can definitely be played as is. He’s still a beast. And I’ve refilled Eugene and Morgan, both unicorn and Morgan I actually went 100% with rerolls and Eugene if I remember correctly, misrolled once, twice at the most. It really is true RNG. I don’t think your experience can be said for EVERYONE. Do you want everything free?

    Someone has to keep the lights on here
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    It took me 9 rerolls to get luck on Michonne as I wanted, only 1 trait. Which is a very bad result. It took me 150 reroll tokens (3 rerolls) to gain 3 unicorn normal survivors which I had since forever with 1 trait away. That's an awesome results. Some heroes took many tries, some much less.
    I can't agree with you because even if it took 100 tries to get that one good trait I'd still be happy with opportunity to have that as an option.

    You don't have to spend any money on that, you can get same results as those spending only later, possibly much later.

    Have you got a video or screenshots of having bullet dodge 4 times in a row? Because now that is impossible rerolling the same survivor / hero.

    As for assigning traits to heroes I doubt anyone was thinking "hey, let's give them traits that would require most number of rerolls" Alpha is is a good example of that.
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    I will add Alpha to the list of Heros not requiring a reroll. TWDaddiction, glad to hear of your success in what I feel is "sub-optimal" (another word NG loves to use) opportunity for us to enhance survivors that should be closer to perfection prior to release. I have had the opposite experience. But I wasnt a whale before and I surely wouldn't be one now.
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    I know the tone that resonates with this post, from me, to those whom I do not know personally. It's not one of my more admirable posts admittedly. I used to praise this game and enjoy it as much as anyone but I FEEL as though NG has switched on me. Let down, disappointed and misled are words that come to mind. I am but a face in the crowd voicing my dissatisfaction with NG and their reroll system.

    Maybe if I buy a bigger bundle(s) and just plow though all the junk they set forth I cant part with resentment? I could give in and just fork over the money, with hope's of matching the egregious displays of traits swapping seen in and around NML. Then I wouldnt be here posting and being a pain, perhaps.
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    TWDaddiction, No, I dont want everything free. I think you missed my point.

    Bladgier, it was on various heros with regards to BD. We will have to agree to disagree.
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    Sorry to hear your bad luck. I actually had great luck on my first 10 rerolls - only 2 of them brought me what I would consider to be "useless" traits - and all of this was before the most recent update that allowed you to select from new traits when you reject two traits. It was only because of my success on my first set of rerolls that I have since then bought two reroll token bundles (not the other way around). I wish you better luck in future rerolls.

    You might already be doing this, but with both rerolls and radio calls, I like to do a bunch at once so that I am not disappointed if my one reroll or my one radio call doesn't get me what I want. Usually 1 reroll/call out of every 2-4 rerolls/calls turns out well, and makes you feel a bit better about the rerolls/calls that were disappointing.
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  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    I would say I am in the ballpark of 15 or slightly more rerolls with 9 being recalled due to inability to move forward on either offered trait. I have done multiple rerolls. 2 in a row at max. Burned both times on negan and morgan. NG correct me if I'm wrong but that is about my recollection, being honest.
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    Verified, I have replaced 5 traits.
  • TWDaddictionTWDaddiction Member Posts: 490
    Agreed ^

    My post wasn’t saying “you’re wrong”. My post was simply saying we all have different results, and we can’t classify our own as “everyone”.

    I personally have had great results. Some good, some bad. Overall happy.

    Buttttt without those complaining posts, nothing would get changed
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    I can agree with that Dbl_edge_DEP. The initial post I was a little fired up and have since calmed down lol.
  • DanielBezDanielBez Member Posts: 117
    This is the word on this game: LUCK. And this luck, for me, has some destinations.
    Unfortunately, it weights too much. My rerolls we're good, but not great or bad. The same with badges. I already made a suggestion to NG let us choose which traits put on weapons and armors. Maybe It helps to decrease our frustration sometimes...
  • TWDaddictionTWDaddiction Member Posts: 490
    I think there should always be options, at a price. Maybe it’s more reroll tokens for something guaranteed?

    I don’t think everything should be RNG. Again, we like options. Options are good. Leaving everything to a gamble does get tiresome
  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 1,096
    On the whole I'm pretty happy with the rerolls, had a couple of stubborn ones when the right traits wouldn't come, also had ones that gave instant satisfaction, it's all luck of the draw.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,938
    @Groznic I get where you are coming from and yeah it’s shitty when you have a string of bad luck, however one thing I would say was about the unfair criticism about NG planning rubbish traits on hero’s with rerolls in mind. Eugene is a prime example, he was released what, 2 years ago? Well before NG even considered the ability to reroll traits. In fact I think the fact that he has one of the best leader traits in the game coupled with rubbish traits was so he wasn’t overpowered. Now that rerolls are available any everyone can be overpowered the new hero’s they are bringing out don’t actually need much rerolling and are already “overpowered”.
    Good luck with your rerolls and hope you have better luck than my last eugune reroll!
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    I might have gotten a little crazy. I am not much of a gambler. I don't care for slot games and if I go to a casino it's poker. Perhaps that explains a little as well. The last re-roll bundle I bought was that $10 for 100 tokens. Put them into Negan and got burned on both of them in the span of a minute and a half, done. Neither one produced punish but traits offered were awful. DS BD VIGI and Strong or the likes. Something guaranteed would help to ease the pain I suppose. Throw in some hero tokens or something. It's not like it would kill them to bend a little bit.
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    I've just tried to re-roll Morgan's Power Strike trait. I was offered Bullet Dodge and Vigilant, and neither appealed so I chose to reject offers. I was told that 50% of tokens will be lost. I agreed, but then found that as well as losing 50% of the hero tokens for the call, I also lost ALL my 50 of my reroll tokens. That just stinks.
    How can they justify taking away the reroll tokens as well? I don't mind losing the hero tokens as that was explained
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    My point exactly ambiance. It a bum deal suited for suckers. Myself included in that. They dont post odds and they should. It's a crapshoot and it shouldn't be. The dont post findings and they should be accountable to some degree...imo...imo
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    Well, they didn't even say the reroll tokens will be lost. Is this documented somewhere? If so, please provide a link. The in-game help doesn't mention it either. Thankfully I didn't pay for these tokens, and I've learnt that there's NO point paying. My guild (and the hope of guild wars returning) are the only things keeping me here. I try to show my support by budgeting a double-xp bundle every couple of months, but it really feels like NG have very little business sense.
  • TWDaddictionTWDaddiction Member Posts: 490
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    > @ambience said:
    > Well, they didn't even say the reroll tokens will be lost. Is this documented somewhere? If so, please provide a link. The in-game help doesn't mention it either. Thankfully I didn't pay for these tokens, and I've learnt that there's NO point paying. My guild (and the hope of guild wars returning) are the only things keeping me here. I try to show my support by budgeting a double-xp bundle every couple of months, but it really feels like NG have very little business sense.

    That’s like you opening a packs of baseball cards. You saw what’s inside. You paid for and gambled and are still given the choice to get something back. NG definitely didn’t have to do that but they offer 50% of your tokens back. We shouldn’t have expected that at all.

    I guess they could easily add something like “you will lose all your reroll tokens” But come on lol use your common sense there. They state you will get some tokens back, no mention of getting reroll tokens. Why would you expect to get them all back??? Lol. Some things I hate about ng and they need to fix. But they can’t fix common sense there .......if you could simply reroll and 100% get what you want or your rerolls back, they would be absurd lol

    What’s next. Bad radio call and you want your radios back?
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    You're right though, it does not mention that "in-game" that I'm aware. I believe when the announcement came out in the "news" link it had more information. I suppose if a guy missed that then he would be unaware of the fact given he did not look extteriorly. I'm with you man. There are a few things keeping me on. RR tokens are not one of them.
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    The docs are clear:
    Both Reroll and Hero/Survivor tokens are consumed in the process of rerolling a trait. If you wish to keep the original trait, 50% of Hero/Survivor tokens are returned back to you, while the Reroll Tokens are consumed in the process.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,938
    I very very rarely buy any bundles for stuff that rely on luck yo get the desired outcome. (I think I once bought SR bundle for some phones but even then got guaranteed SR tokens. Honestly don’t waste your money on reroll or badge bundles instead buy a great weapon or two preferably with some gold in it. Will give you a fair bit of an advantage over players who haven’t bought weapons and also you get to use them over and over again. Particularly now you can reinforce them. You get a reroll once every two weeks it really isn’t that long to wait in the grand scheme of things.
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    I think TWDaddiction is on to something there lol..I agree, pay to play but dang. RR tokens leave an open wound IF an excessive amount of bad luck follows the attempts at success.
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    @TWDaddiction , and can't use "common sense" as an argument: I've only ever seen it used to avoid actually giving a sensible answer. It's like saying "I know the answer, but you don't, so you're obviously wrong".

    The problem IS the message that states if you cancel you get 50% of hero tokens back. That suggests that's the price of cancelling. If you ever mention a "price" it should be full and clear.
    I'd be a lot happier if the message was clear - both in game, and when clicking cancel.
    Alternatively, don't give the Cancel option, and show two new traits alongside current trait. Problem solved.

    Your baseball and radio suggestion are just plain daft. Your baseball cards can be traded with someone else. If you really wish to follow the radio analogy it would be: you make a radio call; you don't like the choices, so you click cancel - your radios are all used up and you don't get anyone new.
    So, please don't use "common sense" when your analogies are full of holes.
  • Runners_0648Runners_0648 Member Posts: 58
    It sucks when you crap out on radio calls, rerolling traits or any "luck" based features of the game. However though things are SO much better now than they used to be, and I think all of the players that have been playing for years will agree with me. The players have more of a voice now than ever before. @Fluxxx and the rest of the team are actually hearing what we want and doing their best to make it happen within reason. Examples being the rewards of the fall campaign, they gave us exactly what the majority of the players asked for even though it had already started. Another being the master mission (about a year or two too late, but better than never. Lol), then dropping the difficulty of the MM. I'm sure there's plenty of other examples as of late as well. There will always be room for improvement, but I think this is the best compromise of NG revenue and what the players really want that we've ever had. Have to give props where it's deserved.
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 218
    > @ambience said:
    > @TWDaddiction
    > The problem IS the message that states if you cancel you get 50% of hero tokens back. That suggests that's the price of cancelling. If you ever mention a "price" it should be full and clear.
    > I'd be a lot happier if the message was clear - both in game, and when clicking cancel.

    I dont think asking for a bit more detail is ever a bad thing. Especially concerning money for virtual products.

    I personally would appreciate drop rates on traits because I tend to disbelieve 50-50 from the horses mouth.

    Or at least post averages of success rates externally...imo
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