Can we have the daily quest which rewards supplies replaced with fuel?

I only do that task to complete my four daily quests and get the extra 4 reward points.

The fuel task doesn't always come up even when there is not a campaign but I've noticed that the first task to disappear when there is one, is the fuel task.

However the supplies quest seems to always be there. I find this very annoying, not needing supplies at all and it's been a thorn in my side for a long time.

Can we have this daily supplies quest permanently replaced @Fluxxx ?

Replace it with fuel which is a win for both endgamers who are sick of tomato soup and for players still leveling up, since they can run 2 scavenge missions with the 10 gas which will give them more supplies than they get from completing the quest.

As far as i'm concerned you can replace it with gold or tokens as well (anything but tomatoes!), but fuel has the benefit that it can still be used for gathering supplies if one so chooses.

#stopthetomatoflood :)


  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,416
    Yes please.
    Mavericks Guild Family
  • Kater_CarloKater_Carlo Member Posts: 15
    No, please don't.
    Since there are no supplies in the crates anymore its the last way to get a boost on them at all!
  • LevLev Member Posts: 44
    @Kater_Carlo, don't worry about the supplies. You are at council lvl23.

    Below council lvl50, you will get quite sufficient supplies from scavenge missions even without a gas booster.

    Council lvl50 to lvl60, you will cry out for supplies even with few gas boosters.

    Above council lvl62, you will need XP ten times rather than you need supplies.
  • Kater_CarloKater_Carlo Member Posts: 15
    I'm at Player Level 70/ Counsil Level 23, most of my survivers are L23.
    So I see that I will need tons of XP for leveling my survivers and upgrading gear.

    To do that I need to upgrade my buildings and I need almost 20M of supplies for every single building upgrade.
    I always use Scout Glen as leader to gain supplies but is taking ages.

    And frankly I have neither time nor gas to spend on the scavenge missions (specially during event time).
    If need be I rather do outpost raids: gaining rank, TG and (thanks to Glen) Supplies at a much better rate than scavange missions.
    They just dont pay out. The reward should be much higher (add 2/3 or double it).
  • LevLev Member Posts: 44
    OMG... That was my 3rd wrong interpretation of someone thread. I'm so sorry @Kater_Carlo.

    Btw, I'm at player lvl66. And I found that everytime I need 20M supplies for upgrading a building (say a council building), I would need 40×2M XP to train all of my 40 survivors. Not yet calculating XP for weapons and armors upgrade.

    By the time I've done training all of my survivors, I would have tons of supplies for upgrading new council and new training ground. And might be even my workshop too.

    You don't need to level up your survivors to earn XP, neither upgrading your camp. Survivor lvl23 is sufficient to earn couple millions XP per week.

    You should be at council lvl23 and survivor lvl24 at player lvl66. At player lvl70, you should be at survivor lvl26.

    That is what I was trying to say. My experience to reach lvl66.
  • LoneWanderer360LoneWanderer360 Member Posts: 480
    I have a limited amount of time to play and rarely use all my gas as it is. I'd rather have more ways of getting supplies than gas. The cinema seems to pay out gas 90% of the time anyway.
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