Domination of melee sucks

KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 181
At the current challenge i have to play melee to get some results at all. Hunters starting charged up but for what? All the new weapons, new ranged traits,... nonsense... then that stupid Alpha hype.... will she be the game changer? Defenitely not. Even with her shotgun which i can hang over my fireplace right beside the Zweihaender. If the new upgrade doesnt close that gap i can take away all tha badges from my ranged toons. Melee are at least 5-8 levels better than ranged toons... please NG do something


  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,468
    What sucks most of this melee unbalance is that all moves are a gamble. Your gamble does not work, you have to burn resources to try again.

    Gambling wasn't so nasty when the unbalance was towards ranged.

    It is not coherent with a game that positions itself as "strategy".
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