Last Horrah

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Hey Community,

I love most of you and I am either "relatively liked or tolerated" or hated. I am aware of this ;)

I don't know the progress on how the 5 vs 5 NW thing is going but I have been quite vocal in the past and I caused a lot of hurt feelings. That was disgraceful.

That said my guild is solid with a relatively new Leader now so I have the opportunity to make some things right. I will always be me I guess (but I am taming that) but I can at least humble up now and ask leaders of GK Crew, Russia or Korea from last NW if I can join as as a last horrah. I just want to support good relations before I leave and I promise to post global leaderboard stars for you and burn all my gold.

To be transparent I owe it to Germany and others for how I spoke about things. My friends said as much too. It would be my honor to play in their guild for a week.

Any nation guild that I pissed off I am willing to play for and push for top 5 Global. This is not for recruiting just for me to step out with grace and compassion. I want to play with others and see the other side.

Anyone willing I will work it out with the new Leader of my guild and be there. If not I will phase out accordingly ;)

Much love to you all! @Jenng much love. @pigbenis a ring.@capybara I am a rodent for life ;)


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    ...and there is also a @tabernac ”LoveMuffin” cameo!!! :D:D:D
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    Shame to see you go strike when you enter beastmode you are one of the best in the game and was a pleasure to play with you during intra! Enjoy your last hurrah and all the free time you’ll get once you stop playing!
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    Pm me on line fool
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    @vshield50 find me on line dude wtf! Message me or I’ll find you pistol whip you

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