Newbie question

I’ve been playing for about a week, and I don’t want to waste my hard earned stuff :)
Any tips on do’s and don’ts?
Like: dont waste all your trade goods on X; you need them for Y
or: don’t waste your time on Season Mission Trials until you’ve cleared all the initial Season Missions.
Any insights would be much appreciated.


  • WayOutDareWayOutDare Member Posts: 8
    Awesome, thx. 1 week into the game I’ve already put my workshop on standby. By the time my eq is upgraded Ive usually found new and better eq. So unless I need to burn exp I dont upgrade eq. I expect that will change when I get something half-decent. TG for hero tokens sounds like a winner + Ive just read that same advice somewhere else. My tomatoes will be invested in farms, storage and training until I find something better to do with them. Thx again.
    PS: dunno why I started playing this game, but Im quickly getting addicted :#
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,531
    Buy the 9.99 bundle as many times as they will allow you to instant upgrade this week
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,531
    Best way to succeed in game is spend 1000s!
  • imnfictionimnfiction Member Posts: 206
    Here you go.

    1. Join a guild.
    2. Spend time to learn what are the good traits. Invest tokens in unicorns (survivors with perfect set of traits) only.
    3. Complete campaign - this will boost Daryl, who will help to go through early to mid game.
    4. Learn to complete missions without taking damage. This is a good habit for the future.
    5. Avoid scavenging for equipment.
    6. Experiment with different class combinations.
    7. Read this
    8. Don’t invest in walkers at outpost.
    9. Save upgrade and reroll tokens till the end game.
    10. Enjoy the game, it’s all about fun!
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  • reekookrreekookr Member Posts: 205
    Dont spend real money, just have fun
    Refusing to support pay to win games.
    Strategy game where the best strategy is to buy shortcuts with real money
  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 199
    If you wait too long to buy the Fresh Survivor Bundle it'll disappear, along with all the other bundles that it unlocks in turn :/
  • WayOutDareWayOutDare Member Posts: 8
    Thx everybody. Great to find an active community. I have a few new questions. Hope you guys dont mind.
    1: how do I benefit from guilds? Im in one, but Im not sure I see the point.
    2: any way to control which angle my survivors attack from? (other than positioning them with a Quick move)
    Thx in advance!
  • imnfictionimnfiction Member Posts: 206

    1. You get guild awards (radios, goods) during weekly challenge. The amount of awards depends on the overall score achieved by the guild.

    Also, good guild is a small community, so you get all the joy of chatting with your guild members.

    2. Not to my awareness.
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  • Aklo09Aklo09 Member Posts: 25
    I'd suggest to don't unlock every hero you have tokens for.
    Some are so bad you will never use, leave them Locked. Opinions may differ but I'd say Carol, Carl, Merle etc...
    In early game you want Daryl and Glenn (so common that they will be your strongest hunter and scout for a long time)
    And the governator for supplies

    Later Morgan, Jesus, the "new" heros and Maggie for xp.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,016
    Yes if you keep heroes unlocked till your higher level, they will unlock at the equal level of your highest survivor. So wait as long as you can.

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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 645
    One additional point about guilds. It's easy to get stuck in some crappy guild so don't hesitate to upgrade to a better guild as you level up.
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,016
    +1 to ^^^ that

    If you're always at the top of your guild in star total, probs time to find another.

    Are you Lost? Alone? Looking for a killer team to have your back?
    Join ZOMBREX! We have a tiered guild structure so players of every level and ambition can find a home they fit in.
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  • WayOutDareWayOutDare Member Posts: 8
    Great advice. Thx everybody!
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 488
    A lot of the above is solid advice. A couple of points I wish I'd followed three years ago.

    Don't buy survivor slots. Between heroes and the occasional unicorn Legendary (or near-unicorn Epic you'll gamble on the fifth trait) you will just be stockpiling unused nerds. I have dozens; and selling them off is SUCH a loss. When you can field three of each class, you're good to go for a LONG time.

    RE survivor leveling (and upgrading with tokens): ONLY level and upgrade ones you actively use, daily or at least weekly. Special corner case folks? Forget it. You will be spending a LOT of time in scavenge, and so the Killer Kouple of old Glenn leading Maggie and any AOE (assault)--all in gold training gear, if possible--will be your go-to team for hours and hours. Even for me, three years into it, Maggie leading Abe and (new) Maggie, all in gold training gear, is a regular Distance and Challenge team (I am still leveling up that full bench of unused nerds... for some reason...OCD?).

    RE item leveling: I wouldn't even bother until, oh, item levels 18+. And only legendary with 2-3 ideal traits for your playstyle for that class. Just scrap the crap; and consider everything temporary. You'll soon be using XP just for leveling key survivors; and only once you find yourself using gear for weeks or months, should you actually level it.

    In general: DELAY GRATIFICATION! The RNG will bless you with legendaries and with tokens and you'll know what is worth what soon enough. Even hero tokens: save them if you are not using the hero, because many need trait rerolls to be tuned up into even more utility. OooO! And on that note: if you KNOW you are going to reroll a hero trait, do it ASAP and don't upgrade the hero while you accumulate the reroll tokens. The hero token costs are MUCH lower if you reroll before you get them to 5 and 6-rank traits (basically legendary to one pink).

    Ah... to begin it all anew... I wish I could. :grin::cry:
  • WayOutDareWayOutDare Member Posts: 8
    Great stuff. Thanks.
    More or less by accident I’ve adapted some of the things already.
    I’ve stopped buying slots, and have designated some of my unused herd as “to be swapped as soon as possible”. Obviously not investing in those anymore.
    I’m spending a lot of time on scavenge simply because I’m getting mauled in the campaign.
    Im only upgrading legendary eq. If my exp tank is filling up I might put some in epic gear.
    But progress is slow. I cant wait to find those really nice survivors :)
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 135
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,395
    edited November 2019
    My tips... :smile:
    • Save your gold. 99% of things that cost gold are things you can get for free by just waiting, buildings/survivors/gear upgrade on their own, the hospital will heal survivors and so on. The best use of your gold is the 400 cost to reset, it can get you a lot of resources for minimal effort once you can comfortably clear it. Plus, every couple months there is an event which involves multiple distance resets and there is often some really nice weapons you would normally have to pay for
    • Trade goods should only be used on survivor/class tokens, radios and gas. I like the gold crates too as you can often get some decent stuff for 500 TG's. One of the best tips I got early on was to avoid buying the weapons.
    • Join a guild but don't get too bogged down with the challenge. It is the most popular game mode but eventually you will stop receiving supplies and trying high levels you might not finish is a complete waste of resources. You can become a monster at the top of the leader board when you reach max level.
    • The distance is really important, once you have it unlocked and you can, you should be clearing it each week. There are a nice amount of supplies/tokens up for offer. The hard distance should be prioritised once you can reach the green badge stuff, that will pay off more in the long run.
    • The season missions are really nice for resources and for radios, you should complete all of these and save your radios for a 2x call. Survivalist Rick, Riot Gear Glenn, Huntsman Daryl, Michonne and Sasha are all really good heroes. Morgan and Eugene too but both require a lot of re-roll tokens to get to a useable state.
    • It might be an idea to save your epic/legendary badge stuff until max rank. If you focus more on building your camp than on getting stars you don't need your survivors badged like monsters. At max rank you can upgrade your craftsman and you can craft much better badges. I have some epic 2.0 badges that are stronger than legendary badges from before my craftsman was upgraded. So with a little patience, it will help you much more in the long run.
    • If you are going to spend money, try to avoid buying things which are essentially a gamble. You could spend money on re-roll tokens and not get what you want, buy radios and get garbage. I would avoid buying weapons until late on, we have reinforcement tokens but if you buy weapons too low it will cost a lot to keep bringing them up. A $2 gas booster during a double supply event is probably the best use of your money.
    Hope that helps :smile:
  • magicmagic Member Posts: 197
    I would spend all my gas getting supplies to upgrade buildings in this order: Council, Farm Plots, Tents, Training Grounds, Workshop, Scavenger, Craftsman, Mission Car, Hospital, Outpost and every other building you need to get Council to level 18.
    Use Glenn/Maggie or Governor to maximize supplies in any mission.
    Council level 18 unlocks the Distance, which have a lot of good stuff.

    I would also level some weapons that don't get obsolete when you level. I think these are:
    Rifles with Incendiary, Large Caliber and Lucky (or only Incendiary if you can't get two or three of these)
    Machine Guns with widespread and lucky (or only widespread if you can't have both).
    Bruiser weapons with: Concussion, Razor, Lucky (or only Concussion and Razor if you can't get all three)

    And you can level some armor with Ruthless and Training Gear, those don't get obsolete very quick either.

    Four times each year there is a campaign which lasts 4 weeks. Normally you have to get 500 stars in the challenge, doing dailies every day, spending crates in the shop and doing The Distance twice 3 out of 4 weeks to get maximum rewards. That means resetting The Distance which costs 400 gold. I would recommend saving up at least 1600 gold to be able to reset The Distance 4 times during the campaign. Resetting The Distance during campaign is probably the best way to spend your gold.
    Maximizing score in the campaigns gives you the best weapons in the game.

    If you have found a weapon and wants to know if it's good you can ask here on the forum or on discord:
    I am collecting badge crafting results. If you want to contribute please note down as much about each crafting as you can in the sequence you craft and send it to me. Recipe, effect and bonus condition is especially interesting.
    Discord server to discuss badge crafting:
  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 645
    Regarding badges, there's 2 things you need to know. First, getting the craftsman upgraded will give about 1% better badges (i.e. a 15% badge with lvl 1 craftsman will be 16% with lvl craftsman). Second, check out the badge crafting thread to make maximum use of your components.
    Ingame username: Jubjab
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,259
    The free route is gonna take you ages. Well lots of time. If you manage your day and open the game and collect you supplies upgrade storage and XP tent then you do well. Play every gas tank full and hit all the season missions and work on on the chapter missions. Don’t invest in any survivors yet. Just close the tokens and when you get. Promising epic go all in and only pick one survivor in each class. Don’t unlock any heroes other than HD SR Abe Sasha and Morgan. The rest can stay and wait till you get maxed out. Save you radios for rare heroes and use on them if you want. The reason is the other heroes don’t serve much purpose other than trophy items. Survivors are someone what obsolete now. You can go with out any of them.

    The money round would be buy bundles with max supplies when deals come by.
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 488
    As I said above, Maggie is clutch, so unlock and level her as fast as possible. Sasha is only worthwhile in Distance, so hold off until you are doing Distance and hitting a wall (normal or hard). Ditto for old Glenn. You should be running Glenn, Maggie, and an assault (Abe, sure, why not?) 90% of the time: Scavenge, most of the beginning of Challenge, most of Distance (if not all). I'd even try to make most of the kills with Maggie, for her extra % XP. Save Glenn for opening stuff and Abe for bailing out in a crisis.
    GOld Training Gear on all, ASAP.
  • JayBoneJayBone Member Posts: 8
    These are all great suggestions. I wish I had known to NOT bother adding walkers to the walker pit. They do not slow down raiders, just let them charge up so they can use charged attacks against your defenders.

    As you unlock heroes, start scrapping your common survivors. Ideally, keep ONE high level common survivor from each class, and that’s just so tokens don’t go to waste.

    Upgrade heroes, especially the ones you use often, but don’t forget to upgrade weapons and vests as well. I didn’t do it until much later on so don’t worry if you can’t now.

    Pay attention to traits, hero, leader, common survivor traits and of course weapon and armor traits. Things like stun resistance and wrestler are useful on armor, retaliate is a great trait overall that gives you an extra attack.

    Basically, just play. Complete the daily quests, play scavenge missions, join a guild, and read the little details about characters, weapons, traits, etc.

    And finally, USE OVERWATCH!
  • z3tkaz3tka Member Posts: 65
    If you ask about survivors - first choose your play style and boost A team, to get many points from challenges and profits from other missions.

    Then create team B.

    Team A/B squad:

    - offensive, long distance: Abraham leader, and two shooters (weapons with +2 square range would be nice). Or shooter + hunter.
    - defensive, short distance, melee: Glenn bruiser, Survivalist Rick, and Daryl scout. You can also use Jesus.

    Good luck! And have fun! :-)

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