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Yesterday’s bundle had 750 radios, 500 hero Governor tokens, and 5k gold for $59.99.

Today’s bundle is same price but GLENN but has 50 less radios, 1.5k less gold, 250 less hero tokens, but has 20k TG.

That’s not a fair trade off... I can understand maybe tokens being less for a less desirable hero, but 1.5k and 50 radios is > than 20k TG.

I’ve been waiting on a good armor bundle since I’ve returned, but there hasn’t been ideal armor sold in the shop in at least a month and other than the bruiser armor it’s not ever useful armor.

Then the kingdom bundle is same price as bundle yesterday, but warrior weapon is worse, and no Morgan’s staff...

The Daryl bundle would be worth 27.99 if the armour was good, but it’s actually pretty bad traits for what the classes are. Yet NG shoves it down and some buy some don’t, but hopefully maybe for our sake and theirs they change.


  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 805
    In my opinion, the Armor in the Daryl bundle is above average at least for my playstyle. On the Scout armor, Gold Ruthless is essential, and Gold Hazmat gives me the option to stab burning walkers with mitigated damage and Hazmat combined with Silver Dodge will occasionally save me from some of my boneheaded plays (that happen all too often unfortunately). I try to protect my Scouts from taking hits and traits like Iron Skin or Anti-Stun do nothing for me at higher levels because if my Scout takes a hit it's an instant struggle regardless of those traits. I have one Tanky Scout (Gabe) that I use in GW and as a door opener, and perfect armor for him would be Gold Dodge, Gold Hazmat, and Silver Iron Skin, but I don't use him often enough to buy armor for him and I've found a decent set for him in Challege/Distance crates.

    For the Hunter armor, Gold Ruthless is essential, but the other 2 don't really matter. I don't have a Tanky Hunter. Even at mid levels my Hunters insta-struggle on the first hit.

    What triats would you consider perfect for Scout/Hunter armor?
  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 989
    I agree the merciless scout armour is perfect traits for scouts.
    On the other hand the armour up bundle is less than perfect and I won't buy it, NG should listen to what the players want and adjust the traits on bundle armours accordingly. They mostly do great on weapons but armours are lacking ideal traits.
  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 29
    Ideal Hunter armor: 1. Ruthless 2. Sniper Harness 3. Wrestler
  • HershalHershal Member Posts: 15
    Is the flare gun going to be available in the shop anytime soon? @Fluxxx
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 858
    Yes Flare Gun is in high demand in my guild @Fluxxx
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