Thanksgiving Radio Call --> Triple Tokens are NOT being granted

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BUG: Normal tokens are being provided on Thanksgiving day's call, rather than the triple tokens advertised:

A. Hero Tokens are Normal. This is expected. B. Non-Hero Tokens show as triple in the call UI. C. Upon collecting tokens: Non-Hero tokens received are at 1x instead of 3x. Verified in the Survivors UI. Example: In my first attempt I received a Legendary & an Epic Warrior. As a result I should have 1152 new warrior tokens --> instead the UI showed me 423 tokens.

Updated observation: In a subsequent call, tokens for 3* persons and 4* persons were granted properly.

Potential Root Causes: 1. a straight up bug in granting legendary tokens, or 2. Propagation of the 3x may not have completed by the time I made my call --> I might have placed the call very quickly after the call was dropped. Next Games may have underestimated the time required for the token update to go to all servers.


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    It's possible that I made a mistake with fat fingers --> I just found a couple of warriors in my list of survivors. I've now been credited.

    Remove this bug report please.
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