Weapons for TG as X-mas presents

Dear Santa Fluxxx,

during the dark, cold winter days (or warm, sunny days, depending on your time zones) the people prepare for X-mas. Caring and sharing are mandatory between the beloved people at home, friends and in the New Mans Land. So IO would love to share some Trade Goods suring this time for anything usefull. Weapons, Gear, Gas, XP, tomato (ok not me but some people definitly). Even if this ain't prio in your update - make it simply a buyable item in the Trade Good shop on a daily or weekly base.

I hope my letter to the Santa will be seen and recognized.

Thx Santa @fluxxx


  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 498
    I wonder if it would be too unrealistic to ask for Iconic TV show weapons (All Legendary OF COURSE) in the Trade Goods shop by themselves as opposed to a whole bundle that is purchased in Bundle Shop?? I've been waiting for the longest time to see such goodies as Beth's Scissors, Governor's Golf Club, Sasha's Rifle, Rick's Silenced Pistol, Rick's Assault Rifle, Tara's Import 5.7 Pistol, Maggie's Machete, Heath's Crowbar, Tactical Rifle (Black version of Winter Rifle), Savior Axe, Dale's Rifle (Mossberg 590 look alike), Father Gabriel's Machete, Eugene's Dull Machete, Aaron's Silent Pistol, Alpha Wolf Sickle, Daryl's Diamond Knife, Kingdom Sword, or Prison Assault Rifle.... Also Daryl's Crossbow (the green one) hasn't been seen in a while. Yes I know none of these have the much sought-after 4th Trait, but I'm still dying to see them again (Bundle Shop or Trade Goods, either/or)!!!!! One can dream, can't he?
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