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TheSittingDuckTheSittingDuck Member Posts: 208
Really - don't mean to sound ungratefull in that special time, but just can't follow this "brilliant" idea to put discounted guild gift on today. Me and my guildies share Christmas presents YESTERDAY like it should be (at least in EU, and dev is Finnish after all), so thanks a bunch NG, maybe try not to oversleep next year... :confused:


  • Maverick1969Maverick1969 Member Posts: 107
    Agree. Could have doubled our presents. :#
  • TheSittingDuckTheSittingDuck Member Posts: 208
    You've got some kind of odd tradition then :p
  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
    I got my gift at midnight and woke to find a sale! so I sent New Year's gift at half the price !! Who can resist a sale ;) not I LOL
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  • VakaliVakali Member Posts: 239
    I bought the guild a gift yesterday, wish I waited I could have given two gifts.
  • stephcurrystephcurry Member Posts: 52
    Over half the guild gave gifts today why no radios in those gifts. None at all.
  • queenbeaqueenbea Member Posts: 8
    I'm confused about the guild gift. How do you buy one? I don't see it in the shop.
  • quitJOSHinquitJOSHin Member Posts: 134
    @queenbea Tap the guild button. It's at the top left of the member list. Usually costs 400 gold, but for now it's 200
  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118
    Yeah thanks to discounted price, most of my guild mates participated in gift exchange to each other. I've received 13 gifts yesterday and it was pretty awesome. :p Go Dead Family! You guys are awesome.
  • KleistiKleisti Member Posts: 3
    is it 400 per gift for one person? It's said, that it will be 1900 for the hole guild, but i have buy piece by piece. I really don't get it...
  • psychwolfpsychwolf Member Posts: 1,299
    It's 400 gold and a gift goes to each member of the guild.
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