GRAVEYARD OF DEPARTED PLAYERS - for whatever reason....



  • KriegKrieg Member Posts: 232
    I'm leaving :s

    Be back in an hour ;)
    Elder LegionOfDoom
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 5,916
    edited April 2019
    Stay safe out there @PigBenis ...and have fun! :)

    "Always be yourself unless you can be a capybara. Then always be a capybara".
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  • psychwolfpsychwolf Member Posts: 1,299
    I'm done with this game for good. Tired of it, tired of everything about this game. I was here from the start but NG are a bunch of fools. It's a sinking ship. Peaceeeeeee
  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 725
    edited April 2019
    Stay safe out there @psychwolf !
    Stay safe out there @PigBenis !
  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 725
    Why disagree @Baluban ? @psychwolf and @PigBenis are a great forum friends !...anyway...stay safe out there and comeback for a "CIAO"
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    Thanks for all and goodbye.
    @Fluxxx please delete my account.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • reekookrreekookr Member Posts: 104
    So they got banned and "decided" to quit? :D
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  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 2,076
    edited October 2019
    > @vshield50 said:
    > > @reekookr said:
    > > So they got banned and "decided" to quit? :D
    > No. @JackBauer is part of my and @Mystique's guild. He was always a class act and of moral high ground.

    Guess it was worth posting twice.
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 60
    edited December 2019
    Goonies never say "die"!
  • CoolsebCoolseb Member Posts: 93
    ANONYMOUS C. R. E. W. - About 40 players, all levels, since guild birth date.
    Two times for a mismatch, once for a lack of insight, but sometimes for a birth, back to studies or a beautiful brand new life coming and unfortunately most frequently for being tired of the game changes.
    As we are family, some come back and play a challenge or two for our pleasure before return.
    One of our best player retire a few weeks ago. A great friend.
    Finally all that to say that there is a human being behind each screen, our beloved guild just looks like life.
    Respect due to all these bouts that make us.
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