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Well, could you stop to display this popin after a master mission ? A few times, it happens to click "Next" button accidentally, and then i loose 6 or 12 stars (if double rounds). If you stop the game, you restart it, the popin appears and you want to make it disappear.... lost stars... 18 for me on this challenge.... HOPELESS !



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    People bring this up every week and I think most tend to agree with ya.

    For now, we’ve just learned to slow down and expect it.
  • TheWalkingStephTheWalkingSteph Member Posts: 32
    ok sorry for the repetitive side of the message
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    Don't apologise, air it out man. That's how change happens.


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    I’ve taken to fleeing the mission if I’ve got heavy injured on a master map, just to reduce the chance of this happening. @Fluxxx can this be looked at fairly soon as can’t imagine it would be that hard to fix? Is it?
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    I learned this the first time i encountered it, cant be that hard to know what your doing
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    I agree!

    Terrible UI choice.
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    @Fluxxx please STOP IT NOW !!!! 12 stars lost during a double star round :/
  • TheWalkingStephTheWalkingSteph Member Posts: 32
    @Fluxxx could you say something please ???
  • TheWalkingStephTheWalkingSteph Member Posts: 32
    UP !!!
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    Sorry I haven't had the time to respond to this. We can't make it 'not appear' after the game is restarted but we'll add in something along the lines of a small delay before you can click "Next"
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    Please add something along the lines when we are claiming free boosters too because it happened to me that i unlock it accidentally when i don't want. @Fluxxx

    It's frustrating that we are afraid to even look at bundle shop or scroll through it because of this. Massage like "are you sure you want to claim" should be added and working just fine
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    @Fluxxx Thank you for your reply. Couldn't that be a game setting like what was done for the auto-cover?
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