Doomsday Slayer Family- Looking for 2 active member for DoomsdaySlayer2 21k+ guild level 70+/1k☆min

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Doomsday Slayer family looking for active and social members who want to learn and grow with us. We are very active in both the challenge and guild wars. Doomsday Slayer is an elite 4 guild family with a guild for all playing types. We give all members the choice to grow and move up to the higher scoring guilds.

1: Doomsday Slayer (Hardcore) top 16 guild on the US leaderboards 30k+ guild

Requirements: level 72 and up 1300 star minimum

2: DoomsdaySlayer2 (Hardcore) 20k+ guild
Requirements: level 70 and up with 1k star minimum

3: DoomsdaySlayer3 (Hardcore) 18k+ guild
Requirements: level 60 and up 10x your level minimum

4: DoomsdaySlayer4 now open taking active members level 35 and up with 300 star minimum

Facebook Messenger is Required for communication and Guildwars. We share videos and tips to help eachother build our games and form life long friendships!!


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