Lost Leadership

SirTrenchSirTrench Member Posts: 4
One day I noticed the invite button was missing from my guild page. Because I was no longer leader and a apparently drive-by player "gadvors", (who hasn't been on in 56 days) was made leader by what I believe was a Tequila related finder slip-up. I am Sirtrench the creator of guild ILS. Can I please have leadership back? Thanks for you help


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,048
    I'm afraid you can't. Support can't do it from what we've seen. Only way to get your leadership back is from the actual leader.
  • SirTrenchSirTrench Member Posts: 4
    Awesome.... guy played prob 3 days and hasn't been back.. Thanks for the reply tho.
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