Max number of wars per player is 5?

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With a minimum of 5 players per war and each person only allow to play in 2 wars, you would need 20 players to all participate in the war to have every War covered (8 days times 5 players per war = 40 players divided by 2 wars per player needs 20 ACTIVE players per Guild) not really reasonable.


  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,405
    It would be interesting to know how many guilds have a full 20 players compared to those who don’t.
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    If the scoring is total points, not daily wars won, then there should not be a cap per war. The way it is now guarantees not full guilds will have days that can't be filled
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    > @Firekid said:
    > It would be interesting to know how many guilds have a full 20 players compared to those who don’t.

    Check your global and local leaderboard and you have like 50-100 documented.
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    Some wording confusion here that I'd like to clarify.

    It's 5 players per battle, not war. Also, 2 battles per player in one war.
    You're correct that smaller guilds won't be able to capitalize as much with the current format, but it would also encourage people to recruit/merge with guilds to fill out the slots.

    As I've said before, it's a beta test and many aspects aren't final, but it also makes sense that guilds that have put effort into recruitment and building guild spirit get more out of GW.
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    Well said, @Fluxxx.
    It is worth noting, however, that even full, 20-person guilds will fall short: people are fucking flakes. I have never been in a guild where all members used all of their keys; and I changed guilds, oh, four times trying to find that magical place. I will be surprised if I am in such a guild now (except now "used all of their keys" is now "signed up for both of their battles").

    I also expect to have a 5-person battle team, the battle to start, and then some flake never shows and we're at 80% strength... or less. If the maps still ramp in difficulty, reduce scoring and earnings even more, because I'm not in an all-PL72, willing-to-buy-healing guild and so lower-PL team members will fall by the wayside while the last-ditch, high-PL, wealthier players push for any incremental gains that they can eke out. Oh, yeah... I remember that cold calculus: "Well, I guess I should stop now because the gold::reward ratio is starting to suck and there's no way we're going to win the battle."

    But all that aside, your last sentence is the point: The more-committed, more-focused, more-advanced guilds will beat those that are not. Just like real war. At least in Guild Wars, the loser get SOME kind of payout.

    And I trust that the designer(s) realize the virtuous spiral inherent in the design, over time. Win = Big Rewards = Win More = More Big Rewards....
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