Mission car needs to be a hybrid

SdotSdot Member Posts: 33
I can't hardly spend any time playing the game. Especially now with going back and playing hard missions. Plus Guild challenges, daily quests, and new story lines opening up. My gas is up to 17 but that gives me 10 min of play time maybe. Either reduce the amount of gas needed or give us bicycles to ride


  • SdotSdot Member Posts: 33
    Or maybe a second and third mission car?
  • ChriiisChriiis Member Posts: 5
    Same here.... just 10 min of playing 2-3 times a day is just not enough
  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    They want you to spent gold on refilling the fuel tank.
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    I don't think this game is meant to be longer than 10-15min per day. You would run out of things to do pretty quickly. Also, like Ragnarok said, they want you to spend money on the game by buying gold and spending it on gas...

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    NG has reduced gas prices, increased total gas to 21 (22) and holds 1 minute gas events! Closing this thread.

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