Not fair we can only do two battles on the guild wars

Not fair we can only do two battles on the guild wars..
I think we should be able to do more than two battles specially when Half your guild participates...A lot of us really enjoys doing the guild wars ...but it’s just not fun or fair when we can only do two battles


  • blazing_idiot7blazing_idiot7 Member Posts: 2
    Seriously we can only do two. No wonder it won't let me start another battle...
  • SheriSheri Member Posts: 20
    I was under the impression that u limited the amount one could play so everyone in the group could have a chance. BUT, there are many smaller groups who will only be able to play the first few battles because there are .ot many in the group which is unfair ! Or like others stated half there players don't play ! In a battle we should be able to play as many as we can otherwise we can never get. Even close to big group scores.
  • AngeAnge Member Posts: 2
    Le système des 20 bataille c est bon . Mais deux c est peut surtout que dans une guilde tous le monde ne veut pas faire ce mode de jeux. Par contre ce qui serai bien c est de pouvoir en faire plusieurs. On a droit par guilde a 100 bataille sur une journée. 20 par joueur. Mais les joueurs aurais le droit de s inscrire a une troisième bataille dans les 4 dernière.
  • MrChrisMrChris Member Posts: 181
    Hope there will be more wars, so don't worry. 4-6 battle days per month seems fair for me. Especially there're distance and chall also.
    If there will be too many wars, others will complain because injuries disrupt chall, etc. Furthermore, it may be boring to have wars, wars and wars. Most of people are war-hungry, because it's new/renewed after long time, but fire will exinguish slowly. The NG mission is to keep this fire still burning.
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  • roseredrosered Member Posts: 1
    With us our leader are MIA for more than a year we can't kick him out so that sucks. Then only some player participate in guild wars so our guild stuck with battles that can't be played.
  • markuscookiusmarkuscookius Member Posts: 7
    I fully agree that we should be able to sign up for more than 2 battles per war. I like the idea that you can sign up for 2 and then sign up for another 1 twice once you’ve completed each of the initial 2 battles. 4 battles per person in total. My guild filled the first three and now we’re struggling to fill the remaining battles as some players don’t want to participate. The third battles already passed without us filling the slots. C’mon Next, let people play the game if they want to play...... 🙄
  • RobroiRobroi Member Posts: 5
    We should be able to play as many battles as we want. If a player doesn’t get into one tough. Be more aggressive. The reality is that many of the players can’t play every day and most clans rely on just four or five key players anyway.

    If this isn’t fixed it may be time to move onto another game.
  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 126
    Hershal said:

    I disagree that it should be increased from 2. If you are allowed to play more than 2, but I am stuck only playing 2 because my guild is full and everybody participates, then you get to earn more rewards than me. How is that fair? The goal should be to get in a full guild with full participation, not the other way around.

    I agree
    However, here we have to be careful. If we want to move to a guild that has full participation in Guild Wars, you could be facing that guild minimum for challenges. Then if you cant make their guild minimum, you could face being kicked.
    I love the fact that we can sign up for battles that go with our weekly schedules. You can pick the day/days where you know you have the time to play. Plus, we can now do the battle at our own time. We dont have to be on at a certain time to fill the whole team. We can start at 9am and do a few maps, then come back.
    I love this new concept and it works well for my guild that has players all over the world and different time zones.
    Gone are the times where I had to stay up until 11pm or gone midnight, just to participate in a battle..
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  • RobroiRobroi Member Posts: 5
    Guild wars sucks. Not worth the time. This game is losing players every day. I used to love this game.
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 386
    If you want to take away the limit of 2 battles per war, how you want to limit creation of guilds of 5 super strong players that will play all days and get plenty of RP and VP? This will lead to end of 20 people guilds.

    Wanna play GW - find other 19 active players that also want to play GW.
  • RobroiRobroi Member Posts: 5
    If you have five players strong enough to play all then so be it. They worked hard to get that strong. It’s just like having 5 survivors that struggled for years, searched out the way weapons and supplies and now face a larger group that hasn’t worked as hard. The larger group may lose. They should.

    I’m over the game. I was hoping guild wars would reignite my interest but sadly it’s only added to my frustration with the game.

    I’ll see if someone else in my clan want to take the leadership role and sign out. On to find something else.
  • pieces200368pieces200368 Member Posts: 7
    I think we should be able to play more than 2 wars. it sucks having to watch others play plus not everyone wants to do guild wars so we will lose the last 2 days due to default not enough to play
  • DeadkillerDeadkiller Member Posts: 110
    I understand the 2 battles as that allows the players in full guilds the ability to play. But it’s not fair to guilds that not all players are doing guild war or due to life issues can’t play all the time. I think to be fair to only allow 2 on the first few days, and if you have a battle with less than enough you can jump in to complete the 5. But you can’t battle or you have less battles. This helps all guilds & keeps the huge guilds from crushing points.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,193
    We also have a guild that is not full and 'absent' battle. While i agree with the concept of having everyone sign up for 2 battles in advance (to give everyone a fair chance to participate) ANYONE should be allowed to sign up THE DAY OF for battles that do not have a full roster, even if it is above their '2 a war' limit.

    And I don't think we'll be seeing guilds of 5 players only, because those guilds would suffer significantly in the challenges.
  • Survivor_SheilaSurvivor_Sheila Member Posts: 14
    Yeah, if you don't have a full guild or have people that don't participate, you should be able to sign up for more battles.
  • OakleyOakley Member Posts: 1
    The Guild that I belong to has 18 members. Our leader cleans house regularly. Certain players do better than others, but many aren't strong enough to play Guild Wars. They work hard on the challenges. I don't know why each player can only play 2 times. There is no reason to limit how many times we play or why you don't allow lives to renew.
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,193
    Karajoca said:

    You all come here to moan how your guilds are only half-full of active players and to neither of you come to mind to ask eachother to merge your guilds and have 1 fully active guild? @Survivor_Sheila @TransmuteJun @markuscookius @Shelllewis13 @Superchief05 ???

    You want to be able to play more but don't want to move a finger to make your guild better!

    Even if you don't want that it's still easy. There is hundreds of well organised guilds and families where you can join

    But don't come here and say how something is not fair or not good because you and your guild are not good.

    It's GUILD WARS. If you are not satisfied with your guild IMPROVE IT or search for another one.

    Actually, I have been trying to recruit for months, ever since ti was announced that GW would be returning. We have 15 members, so a merge isn't easy. There aren't a lot of 5 person guilds out there. I have advertised in the game and posted multiple times. I got one offer for a merge, but they only wanted 5 people, and I have 15. That's it. If anyone in a guild of 5 wants to merge with us, I would LOVE it.

    You need to be a little more careful when you make accusations about people not trying or not caring.
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 616
    @TransmuteJun need to check guild forum for looking for guild daily.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    3 battles & 30 attacks seems perfect after beta
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