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Before GW starts for whole season(when new season starts u can pick up new team), u can pick up 10 defenders ( 2 defenders from each class) so then u can maken them stronger and get more chances to win or give big trouble this way to you attackers and give 2nd life for such heroes like merle,dwight,jerry! We can prepare them and they will be good defenders allmost same as in outpost! This option will exclude useless defenders who are not geared and even not pumped(like glen scout, meggie hunter, guvernour and survivors! Now not need to be very smart to calculate 100 battles, if 2 strong guild do same route there will be draw! Need think about this too! GW should be hard and interesting every time wich will brings surprises!


  • MoraMora Member Posts: 1
    Would like to see All Battle Stats, from previous Battles played, not just won or defeated. Closed the game with only a few hours left to play my Guild was winning by over 200 pts. Next morning it says defeated ?
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 172
    edited January 2020
    Hi folks, all in all GW is great to me. There is one single thing that is disturbing me:
    From time to time i need to change weapon or need to go to the camp by some other reason. My suggestion is to have links directly from GW to the camp (from the guild war i mean from every page(overview, map, stats,...). ... instead of klikking through the whole GW menue.
    Thx, that was all
  • hilltopslayerhilltopslayer Member Posts: 1
    Be nice to find a way to make exceptions for Guild with less than 20 with only 10 or 12 people it's not very fair we can only do a couple battles
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,688
    @Mora if you go to the war planner and click on a previous battle it will take you to the battle stats screen of that day with all the scores.
  • Dara5Dara5 Member Posts: 14
    My suggestions are
    A: can we have day in battle planner just makes things easier to work out
    B: can there be a count of how many battles we have done or how many left

    C: I can't work out how the scores are done is there a group one to add in to spend in guild shop or just Individual would be good to have a group one added

    D: 20 doesn't seem enough think need limit though, last time I was in small guild and we only played once or twice due to numbers this time I am in an active full guild which I enjoy, but even we struggle to fill all battles some just don't want to play others love it a bonus go for active players maybe extra battle or another day slot for certain points scored to help those who really want to play
  • ShayHaShayHa Member Posts: 319
    I think need more attacks.
    Remove bonus for star hero, no one would want that with Jerry and it is not fair if some players upgraded one specific hero and others did not.
    Let us play more than two battles.

    Will think on more later :)
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