GW needs a UI revamp

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Navigation through GW menus is not intuitive. It's a bit confusing when you enter into GW on different screens. Part of this is due to whether or not you're in a war, part of it is if you've recently exited the Battle Stats "overlay" and return directly there. While it is consistent in my testing, the fact that it's possible to enter GW on different menus gives it the appearance of being inconsistent.

To get to the main "War Summary" menu is counterintuitive if you're in a battle. When you first enter, you're either in the "Map or "Battle Stats" overlay. The "Back" button then takes you to the "War Summary" menu, or you could exit entirely by going to the "Guild" tab.

I could go on beating a dead horse, but I think you all get the gist. Not that UI navigation has been NG's strong suit (some of the Challenges navigation is messy as well), but I think work needs to be done here.

Unrelated, but I wanted to put in another plug for "Battle Stats" including more guild info--namely the number of attacks left by team members. The big roadblock that I see to this is that it seems the server is having a hard enough time updating score as it is. I'm guessing any other real time data simply compounds this problem?

Just a few thoughts.


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    Definately not following any logical behaviour. Is there anyway to get in to guildwars map, without pressing back button on your phone?
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    Honestly this is such a little thing but would take lots of programming possibly. I am okay with it. It's just how it works.
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    Generally the little things don't take lots of programming.

    They could just change it so you'll get directly to the map from the main GW view when you spectate or battle, and make the battle stats view a button from there. The "back" button taking you to the GW season page rather than actually taking you back to where you came from may be harder to "fix" (it needs to remember how you came there).

    I think changing some of the the texts/labels would do a lot too. Ex:
    * From the guild view, the GW tab has the text "Join Battle", but 1. You can't join an ongoing battle. 2. All that happens when you press it is you're taken to the GW main view, so it should say "Watch Battle" or something.
    * In the war planner it says "Required players x/3", but if you have more than 3 already it says "Required players 4/4" or "Required players 5/5". It probably should say "Available spots: X" instead
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