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Pittsburgh13Pittsburgh13 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 4
Please separate guild wars injuries from weekly challenge injuries like you did with The Distance, it impacts weekly challenge participation. Also, develop some way for guild wars participants to earn healing speed ups or boosts. Not everyone can purchase gold and they shouldn't be penalized or discouraged from participating because they don't think they can get in all 25 attacks.


  • MrChrisMrChris Member Posts: 175
    Was thinking the same way at the beginning, but over time I found that it's no needed.
    War have 8 battle days, so you can play once between Monday to Tuesday and next time from Wednesday to Sunday. Or even twice from Monday to Tuesday, if you want. It's all about planning your time properly. At Mondays I do Distance, sometimes part of Tuesday. From Wednesday to Friday I go as far as I can in Challenge, at Saturdays doing leftovers at Challenge, if I'm at home. From Monday to Wednesday basically you don't need to worry about hospital, because Mon-Tue there's not Challenge and at Wednesday missions are very easy.
    All above I'm mixing with work, girlfriend, friends and even PC games, doing up to 1600 stars per chall.
    Furthermore, I never spent money on gold, only 5 or 6 times on unlimited gas during Tomato Mondays. Playing from June 19, so don't have tones of heroes either, only 7 usable hero, so I barely can't rotate.

    Too easy games usually starts boring too fast.
    Husaria guild member.
    Line ID mrChris1990.
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