Unequal conditions

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On my account, the enemies are the most easy thing to kill (I would even say way too easy).
My wife's account (her chars are level 15) the enemies are nearly impossible to kill. One shot of them and it's gone - she shoots a couple of times and nearly no damage. The opponent enemies do have 2,3 even 4 pink stars (and maybe are having badges), whilst the own chars are having 4 stars the most (and no badges as there is no craftsman yet).


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    Badges have been confirmed to not be working for defenders. I do agree though, when it was first announced I was a bit disappointed. On my main account they go as expected, I have solid badges so they are probably the easiest and least rewarding missions. But then I played a couple battles on my 2nd account with much weaker badges and nearly every time I ended up with a massive amount of hospital time so I completely understand why they made that decision.

    It depends who you're up against really. If it's a team with level 27 8-10* survivors with all the best gear then you're going to have a hard time, even if those survivors are brought down to match your level if your badges aren't very good.
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    Agree. Most of the time I have to leave the the enemies to someone else to handle because they are way stronger than me. Very frustrating.
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    Wars should be challenging. We shouldn't raise to level down but to level up.

    And I'm saying that as player who don't have 27lvl yet and max is 6 stars at hero.
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