Issue with pink stars in GW

Some of my mid/low guild members are reporting that they are facing human survivors or heroes at their level, but with multiple pink stars, which they obviously do not have on their survivors/heroes. They also don’t have badges sufficient to cope with this, so are getting destroyed. They are not trying for anything beyond the easier rounds.I am further on in the game, so am not seeing this personally. Is this going to be addressed? Could the stars of opponents also be calibrated to the player fighting, at least up to a certain level? I realize most on the forum are endgamers or near, as are their guildies, so maybe this hasn’t been an issue. If it has been raised, I apologize.


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    Sorry, I disagree. Opponent survivors already are at a huge disadvantage since they don't have badges (in addition to suboptimal AI logic), so nerfing them even more would be ridiculous.

    Also; the whole idea of GW was to fight the opponent's best survivors.
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    But it’s because all human battles are at the same level so all give the same vp. Don’t think there is anyway they can change that, not going to give massive vp for easy fights.
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    It's only the VP that you get less of, you get 10 RP per mission no matter what difficulty you're on. Your scores are all added together and you win/lose as a team. The player clearing 25 raider battles is going to get the least VP but they're probably going to get more RP than the player clearing the 40+ missions with a couple inevitable fails, less effort and gold spent also. Your individual score is meaningless really when you think it @SCBMA
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    I would. Who cares about some numbers being slightly higher compared to your guild mates? The battle stats leaderboard is confusing as hell anyway. It doesn't update in real time, and not sure how it adds bonuses for closing sectors and star hero bonus (I think it didn't include star hero bonus in war 1, but does now).
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    And yes. I agree with the thread starter about this being a problem (but perhaps not with how to solve it). I've seen plenty people whining about badges not being included, but when I play the game against you guys with 4-5 pink stars my team gets nearly wiped out and I have to spend 2 hours healing every time. Some of my guild mates can't even win most games with the easy opponents. A few times guild members posted that they're out of moves after only making a hundred points. One guy nearly quit the game because he was frustrated.

    At the same time I think the points you get for harder missions is not enough (not worth the risk to get a few extra points), so they've already handicapped the skilled players a lot by doing that. Maybe difficulty should start lower and rewards scale up faster. That way beginners will probably still get relatively few points, but at least not lose as many games or spend the whole day healing.
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    We are seeing this as well. I'm not a strong player yet so this is happening to me. Most of the enemies are too strong for me to even try which is frustrating. But, my stronger team mates are saying they are going up against stronger enemies as well. I did much better in the previous war... was actually the best in the guild. Now, I can barely play because it is set up mostly out of my range which is again frustrating.
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    SCBMA said:

    I know how the GW beta scoring works @WellyLuga and I don’t like it compared to previous version GW. As mission difficulty progresses so should the VP & RP. I am not interested in “less effort and gold spend”.

    Individual Challenge scores also add to the total for the guild rankings on the leaderboards. Would you also say your individual challenge score is therefore “meaningless”?

    We aren't talking about the challenge, but in guild wars you fight as a team of 5 and win/lose as a team. The player getting 500 VP from doing low levels/raiders is going to get more RP than the player getting 800-900 from doing nothing but high levels, unless they somehow manage to clear all the 40+ missions without a fail. When the battle is done all that matters is the score you get as a guild, not as individuals. There is no leaderboard for individual scores other than the one only guild mates can see. No one should feel 'aggravated' by having a lower score just because they cleared more raider battles for the team as to me, it's meaningless. All that matters is how many missions/sectors you clear for RP and that you get the win for the 2x multiplier.

    VP does progress as difficulty progresses in normal walker missions but stays the same for raiders since they don't increase in difficulty. The raider battles for 5F are not really any more difficult than the ones in the bonus sectors.
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    Yeah... to not forget also that now you will get that 10X extra bonus when fighting against @capibara ...but i will never earn those!! :#

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