Brotherhood is recruiting - 5 spots open

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Hey players!
We're a cool multinational guild that is trying to grow more, and you can grow with us! we require 300 mininum stars in the weekly challenge, and participation in guild wars! we have players from 52 to 73 and are all about teamworking and playing together. we have some very active players, but it's also okay to chill as long as you contribute.

Join the Brotherhood (women are welcome too) for next guild war and forever :-)

We have five spots open and are also happy to take in a group of players! Feel free to PM me! Or just use the link and join us:

Please join my group in The Walking Dead: No Man's Land! Click here to join:


  • MaximumSlayageMaximumSlayage Member Posts: 11
    We still have a couple of sweet spots open!
  • SirSnarkySirSnarky Member Posts: 11
    Come join a friendly guild, looking for a few players who will have fun and chat. We have some really good players.
  • SirSnarkySirSnarky Member Posts: 11
    Only 3 spots are now left. Some great 70 players We are going to do great things.
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