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Hi. Is there any chance that we can get data on guild performance? I am thinking a histogram of total scores for all participating guilds to give us an idea of where we stand? The average individual score per guild based on the number of players that participated. The leaderboards point us in that direction. My guild scored about half as many points as the 40th ranked team. I’d like to understand the bigger picture,please


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    To be in the top you need to win all battles.

    The top guild in war 2 got 74.218 points.

    With 8 battles in the war, the guild got in average 9277 points per battle, and since wins give double points, the actual score per battle was 4639 points.

    4639 points require that you succeed in clearing all C-line, all D-line and parts of E and F-line up to lvl 43 with no more than 2 defeats per battle, with Dwight in lead up to around lvl 37.

    So quite possible but insanely hard to succeed with this in all 8 battles. So hats off for team LA FENICE.
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    Indeed. Congrats to LA FENICE, that result is incredible. And thanks for the breakdown, I hadn't thought about what a feat that is.

    But what I'm after is a broader context of scores to guild wars in general (using this most recent one as the specific). For example, is the 50k the 90th percentile or the 99th? Our guilds score was 25k. Is that at, below, or above the mean? How many guilds participated? What is the average number of individual participants per guild? What is the individual average score of winners and losers?

    Im a data person and if NG can provide this great. I think other people might be interested, if not that's okay too.
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