So, when is the next war?

I assume it will be partly determined by how many changes/tweaks need to be made based off of this war, but I’m guessing you’ve collected enough data at this point to have some kind of idea.

So @Fluxxx any projections yet? Weeks? Next quarter? Too soon to tell?


  • PastePaste Member Posts: 335
    In 38 years apparently

    I actually take this as "we don't know, let us work on the known bugs first"
  • GENERALR20BRGENERALR20BR Member Posts: 22
    place 3 battles for each game please, it will be more top, all the players stronger or medium will be able to help more the guild, so 2 what do you do 2 battles is looking at the rest without being able to help in nd I think this is unfair ...
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 335
    @GENERALR20BR Unfair would be treating people differently. Currently everyone has the chance to play twice for each battle, which is fair. This isn't the right place however. There's already several threads by people suggesting this (I see a strong correlation between wanting this and being unable to use the search feature).
  • GENERALR20BRGENERALR20BR Member Posts: 22
    @Paste if there are a lot of people wanting it and why are they all going to win? now if u nn want and problem right? there are people who like the war mode if u nn like it nn play it simple like that
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