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What is the Best way to level up your buildings ?,Is there a specific order to level them up Council , Training Grounds ,workshop ,hospital etc.......

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  • TJCartTJCart Posts: 412
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    I would argue that it somewhat depends on your play style. Mostly look to see where you are bottlenecked. If your farms are always maxed out, work on storage. If you feel you are short on gas, upgrade the mission car.

    There's really no wrong answer, but there are also a few buildings that might be unnecessary if your goal is to level as fast as possible--the walker pit and outpost. Also if you're playing the long game, you may not need the radio tower--just save up radios til you're able to max out the radio tower late game for maximizing your radios. This may not work in practical terms though, since you may want to call early on to get some decent survivors.
  • DrunkenDrunken Posts: 1,381
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    toms you need loads of them!
    When I started I did council, and training grounds, and then farms.
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    In reality you are pretty much forced to update most of your buildings fairly evenly, as the Council can only be upgraded when you have reached a new level, and that happens by upgrading buildings. So often it's not possible to upgrade your council without first upgrading everything else.

    But priority should more or less be
    1. Council
    2. Training Grounds & Workshop (there's different opinions on which you should upgrade first)
    3. Special buildings such as Craftsman and Scavenger
    4. Farms, Tents and Storage
    5. Hospital
    6. Mission car
    7. Outpost
    8. Radio tent
    9. Walker pit
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    Thank You All For Answering My Question ,Greatly Appreciated
  • DrunkenDrunken Posts: 1,381
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    The main thing is people are gonna five different answers. Really all depends on your play style and dedication to reaching max.

    I nerd rages during double Supply weekends, plus I bought supply bundles so for me storage was always maxed for my level. That being said now they have the 9.99 bundle and that’s great for me they didn’t have.

    If you don’t mind the grind of scavenge then storage needs to always be maxed and grind away for 1.99.

    Workshop matters, but reality is not that much your survivor level is what dictates the amount of supplies you gain on scavenge as long as you can kill the walkers that’s all that matters. In this case Governor is your most important hero his LT over time adds millions of supplies.

    If you are grinding on boosters then mission car is worthless to you. But eventually a point hits where you have to upgrade something. That’s when mission car matters. XP really wasn’t an issue until around level 22 or so survivors. That’s when I ran out of XP

    So for a more in tune answer eventually you hit point where just upgrade council, training grounds, supplies, and storage isn’t enough for next council upgrade then shift to

    Mission car
    Craftsman(this is level driven and only upgraded twice I think)

    Other than that nothing else really makes that big of a difference.

    This is just more in-depth thought of my earlier post I was driving at the time.

    Best of luck to you and may the grind be miserable
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    Thanks Drunken
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