Appeal about the look of the game's weapons

Whenever a weapon is added to the game a great expectation is created due to the new gameplay, new possibilities and also new visuals.

It may be something particular but I am very attached to all the references of the TV series introduced in the game.

Lately we have had several weapons introduced in the game with incredible features but that do not refer to the series and do not have a visual so focused on the dynamics of the TWD universe.

I don't think LED lights would be the best option against a horde of zombies for example (kkkkkk). And look, I'm able to accept Eugene's pickle jar.

But what I would really like to claim is the weapon additions from the series that have gone unnoticed in the latest updates.

I know that everyone would love to have in their hands the club made from the remains of motorcyclists used by Luke (Dan Fogler), the competition bow used by Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Kelly's slingshot (Angel Theory), Lygia's nunchako stick ( Cassady McClincy) just to mention the weapons recently shown in the series.

Obviously not all will be added to the game, but what I want to show is that there are countless possibilities within the TV series to become weapons of the game, we don't need extravagant and different visuals because the series is full of cool weapons that all fans would love to have in the game.

Not to mention the weapons that steal the show in some episodes of the war between Rick's group and the Saviors, among them the Rick's Ax that was part of his trajectory since the prison arch and was iconic when used by Negan in the "domestication of the Rick "in episode 07X01 and the weapon that made me write this publication for being frustrated until today for not being added in the game and that could have a new feature for the bruiser class, the flaming Lucille that was the star of the episode 8X12.

Finally, I would like to make it clear that this is just my point of view about the new weapons in the game and an appeal to the Flaming Lucille.


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