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I'm extremely upset! I've got a high level player who can't play because he got a Droid 10 and all I see is wars wars and bloomsday. Why are we not fixing this bug?? I got him on a tablet, now he lost his game. How long will it take to restore his game on the tablet since the Droid 10 issue isn't fixed????? He's been gone for almost a month


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,111
    @CarleneDixon update on the Android 10 issue.

    As for lost games, has your guild mate contacred support?

    If not, lost game instructions/
  • CarleneDixonCarleneDixon Member Posts: 18
    edited February 2020
    He has sent support his account information on the tablet so we are just waiting. It's just frustrating that we have great players (cause I've run to gamet on great players, rude players, non players and guild jumpers) who got screwed with an update. But see new stuff, like here is a shinning new object instead of the fix you need. He wanted a new phone, got it and got screwed. That's not good or fair ya know. And the fix isn't until June/July but you are rolling out wars and bloomsday like nothing. I still think wars is a glorified raid
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