Remove old iOS Game Center progress data

ResykzResykz Member Posts: 8
So I used to have an iPhone where I started playing the game and got to like Level 7. I lost that phone and ended up getting an Android phone and I couldn't transfer the progress from the iPhone to the new Android phone since I no longer had the iPhone to get the transfer code, which was no problem since I wasn't that far anyway.

I then continued playing on the Android phone, but I got a new iPhone last week and I transferred my progress from my Android phone to the new iPhone using the Link a Device. My progress has transferred over but it's not saving to my Game Centre since my initial save from my first iPhone is still there and I can only have one game saved to the Game Centre at a time.

I've looked into my iCloud and Game Centre for ways to delete my old data but there is nothing there. I've looked at the support guides on NextGames but they just tell me to do things like in the game go to Settings > Connect or on my iPhone go to Settings > iCloud > Game Centre, but none of these work.

I tried the support chat in the game but it just links me to the FAQs or tells me to do the same as before which don't help either.

The game is fine for now as I'm just playing it on my iPhone so the progress is continuing, but it's got a warning in the settings telling me it's not saved and clicking on it tries to restore my old Level 7 data from my first iPhone. So it's finding the data from somewhere, I just don't know where it is or how to delete it.


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