Новая миссия

Предлагаю сделать миссию где зомби идут в большом количестве с одной стороны, при этом уровень их постепенно повышается, приз мисии будет зависеть от количества убитых, а закончить миссию можно только смертью героев, назвать миссию можно последний оплот или как-то в этом роде.миссия по самообороне до последнего вздоха. Было бы интересно проверить свои возможности.


  • imnfictionimnfiction Member Posts: 206
    I kinda like it. Sounds similar to L4D survival maps. Also, I’m sure this had been already suggested somewhere here. Anyway, a few thoughts from me:

    Each round a wave of walkers is spawned, higher and higher level and gradually adding tanks, metal heads, armored, fast guys, spiked, ultimately making it impossible to survive.

    Cost of the mission could be around 10-15 gas, that together with a fact that the mission ends in the hospital will discourage easy and fast grind.

    Rewards could come from the kills, crates after mission completion and maybe a rating system similar to the outpost model.

    Problem which I see are:

    - waves stop functioning as soon as screen is all blocked by walkers - new simply won’t have a place spawn. Could work it around by still increasing waves and then once a space appears it is instantly filled with the current wave high level walker (hardcore!). But I don’t see this working with a rating system - this way one can survive higher waves by simply blocking the walkers. Think of Rufus challenge.

    - unless some cool rewards, this will get boring very soon.

    Anyway it was fun to think about it :)
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