Possible solution if you have intermittent problems selecting/controlling survivors during missions

GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 305
For at least 9 months I have had issues that I thought were connection issues. During missions, the game would sometimes enter a mode where one or more of the following would happen during missions:
- Could not select survivors.
- Paths cut short while dragging survivor paths.
- Survivor would move on a completely different path than selected. (I send him down / right, he goes up / left).
- Could not select game icon after minimizing game.
- Map would suddenly jump around / zoom in and out.

It generally seemed like the game on my tablet became out of sync with the servers.

I tried many things to fix it, and support was not able to help.

I finally accidentally stumbled across this solution:
These problems only happen if my Ipad Pro is charging. 100% of the time if the problem starts, I can fix it by unplugging the charge cord.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, but I have verified this works over the past month. I don't know if this is a game issue or an Apple issue or an issue with my particular Ipad; I'm just glad that it works. (I came close to rage quitting many times.)


  • GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 305
    I agree it is super-weird and makes no sense. It has happened several times since I posted this. Problem starts, unplug charge cord, wait a few seconds, and problem is gone.
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