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is It better to unlock your hero’s as soon as you have enough tokens to do so or is it better to wait and get your survivors higher level .

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  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,179
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    The essential heroes you should unlock straight away, Sasha, Eugene, RGG, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, you can keep other ones till you have levelled up.
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    Thank You Danski_46


  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 200
    And by "Rick" he doesn't mean Rick Rick, he means Stabby Rick.
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    @Paste agree. Rerolled Eugene long term is the go to bruiser. But until then, Morgan got me through some tough times for sure. Then High RSL, he just can’t quite hang imo. Eugenes LT is just too clutch when needed.

    Only thing I disagree with...Rufus>Abe for assault imo. Rufus is the undisputed hillbilly king rerolled.

    If I can add to this list. Jesus is a go to for me. He’s rerolled with stabby rick traits, but I’ve actually been grabbing him lately, even in the mid 40s, He’s a beast and can hang (with dragon tongue)
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    I don't object to that. I'm a ginger. May be biased ;)
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