What should the compensation for the Red Guild Wars Gas be?

NG have said there will be some form of compensation at some point for the red gas a lot of people had saved up which is now gone. Let's be optimistic and assume a 1:1 ratio for whatever compensation they will choose. Which would you prefer?

What should the compensation for the Red Guild Wars Gas be? 54 votes

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Guild Wars Shop Points
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Trait Reroll Tokens
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Regular Gas
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  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 232

    Let's say 5 bucks per red gas unit. Should be about the price they sold it for, taking into account inflation.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,427
    Trait Reroll Tokens
    I’d be happy with anything except gas cans. I could always buy a cheap 24-hour gas booster if I wanted to.
  • DanielBezDanielBez Member Posts: 117
    Yesterday I lost 4 gas because connection failures... Open a support ticket, and nothing as compensation...
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 611
    Most of the gas was free we need to be realistic with what want. 1 to 1 is a no way on ng side. I had like 700 gas I think never bought any of it. Just got from distance and for reward points. 10 radios per hundred gas or maybe 10 rerolls per 100 gas should be fine that might even be to high. Maybe more like 10 to 150 gas.
  • BelgarathBelgarath Member Posts: 105
    4 normal gas is pretty minor,,, Many people had hundreds of units of red gas saved up (i had over 600 myself)
    I would prefer radios myself but i would not complain if it was any of the other options, except for normal gas i guess...
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    edited March 2020
    So you are asking compensation for something you previously get for free, meant to be spent on new mode which haven't worked properly. Then we should ask for compensation for every radio we spent on Ezekiel, Jerry, or any other non-useful heroes or completely wasted attempts to make your outpost unbeatable with adding more walkers in it who are now just there to help opponent charge before slaughtering your precious survivors.

    There is more and more...so many failures, many things that are introduced here and not working. Why is Red Gas poking your eye so much ? It was part of completely wrong and unplayable mode, i didn't even bother hoarding it, and yet i had A LOT.And I don't want any of it back. It's in the past, like bad nightmare to me !

    Long live new Guild Wars !

    Edited : Just to add, of course who paid for this feature need to receive compensation o:)
  • BelgarathBelgarath Member Posts: 105
    edited March 2020
    Some people spent real money on it...
    Also, since NG have already stated there will be some form of compensation, i thought it might be helpful if they had an idea of what would make the most people happy...
    Nothing is also an acceptable answer if that is how you feel...

    Btw, i also really like the new Guild Wars!

    @rogueDS: i guess the ratio could vary depending on the type of the compensation... Getting 600 extra shop points would not be game breaking, especially with the raised prices, but i can see how 600 Trait Reroll Tokens might be a bit much to ask... :)
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 916
    Guild Wars Shop Points
    I say Guild Wars Reward Points. It just makes the most sense. The whole reason people bought the gas anyway was so that they can play Guild Wars and get those rewards anyway. Compensation RP shouldn't expire though, otherwise I say gold or radios.

    Or better yet, maybe a couple of different options for players to chooses from.
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    Give me radios! It’s my most sought after currency. I bought a lot of my red gas also and capped at 1k. GIVE ME PHONESSSS
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,137
    Don't count your chicken (or capibaras) before they're hatched.

    P. S. Yes I know capibaras are not hatched.
  • miori199373miori199373 Member Posts: 47
    Я потратила реальные деньги на покупку полного бака, так как очень понравился этот режим, это была моя 1я война, я очень ждала когда будет новая война и мне пришлось ждать 9 месяцев и в итоге моя покупка пропала, простите но я бы хотела компенсацию.
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