NW Scam

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Players spend a ton of money for gold and then use the gold during event. NG makes good pocket change for event and sells bundles for event, yet cheating has happened two years in a row.

For me personally this was my first experience in NW was a great experience, learned a ton, and I’m thankful for an honest run by US. But makes me sick to know that a team cheats and yet still get to claim the Crown. Had I known this would be the case I would have saved my money and gold for other purposes!


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    Basically way I’m taking it is it’s okay to exploit the game as long as it helps the bottom line! Most games if you exploit a glitch, or run a separate program to benefit, or go against TOS you get a perm ban.
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    I curisoly just googled (how to hack the walking dead no man's land) and realized how easy it is with research.

    It's a shame we couldn't have a clean fight, tsk tsk.
    So are these players disabled after caught?

    I did not pin this post...
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    So the winning NW team used an infinite gold back?
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    I did not play this NW but dam them score were sick. 3k plus. I’m like how in the world is this happening. Oh well.
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    So could anyone give a quick summary of what is known? That gold exploit @mack22 posted sounds a bit far fetched (not that I tested it) as the youtube video was posted way back in 2017 so you would think NG would have closed that loophole ages ago, or we would see hordes of players with 5 pink star heroes as unlimited gold also means unlimited phones.
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    @Burmeliinis guess with rooted Android/BlueStacks this should be a simple installation of modded APK. It would match the latest version but have some internal changes like increased damage or freezed gold. Maybe in BlueStacks you can also edit RAM, if so it would allow direct changes to gold etc.

    I would hope that NG has access to all the logs to see abnormavalues appearing. Or rather it should be a security ruleset to check specific conditions.

    I also think that if there is a concern about specific individuals playing legit, it must be checked by NG - otherwise no point to discuss. The process must be more transparent!

    I don't use cheats because if I do, I would quit the game next day :)
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    I have question about NW rewards? Players do all organization spent tons of money and main resource is their time! And what they get? At least there should be some anouncment in game about wiiners , lots of players dont know about it and it would be nice to this, and some rewards for players , at least for 1st place , return 75% of spended gold + 500-1000 radios for each player, 2nd 30-50% gold return and 250-500 radios each player, 3rd 10-30% gold return and some radios , also 2nd reward radios could be other! What the reason play NW without any appreciate from Developers ...
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    @bladgier when you cheat in most games the developers perm ban the player. I’ve seen companies go as far as IP BAN. So they can’t even download and restart.

    How much gold do people spend on NW? How many bought bundles? How many did it honestly? To find out yet again someone cheating and gets a ban for 2 weeks? What does that say to the paying customer from NG? It’s okay to cheat? We don’t care as long as we keep making sales? Eh oh well the event helped us?

    I think every player has a right to be mad and to ask the questions and feel @Fluxxx @Vane and the whole NG team should let us know and make a statement loud and clear that THEY won’t sit by while people exploit THEIR companies game.

    So yeah we will have to disagree, I took and read and reread and reread again what you said, because this isn’t a bs post for fun or haha. This is something I spent significant money on as did my team, I’m sure your team, and I’m sure most teams did.
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    @bladgier also maybe you are thinking we are upset with NW council, but I think most of US is upset @NG for allowing it and then not enough punishment. People naturally will cheat if they are allowed to with minimal punishment. With minimal punishment I think most consider event “tainted” and therefore without NG giving strict punishment why should we spend 10k? 20k? 40k gold? Why give NG that extremely important resource?
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    We both know, well I do know and I believe you do @Drunken that there's ways of manipulating IP like vpn for instance and anyone can do it, it's widely available.

    We are on the same page though on NG not being nearly hard enough on cheating and exploits. There should be way more austerity on that.
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    @bladgier mkay makes more sense. My frustration and US frustration isn’t at you or NW council it’s strictly at NG. This is a player driven event for “bragging rights” but NG profits from it and most of us end up hating life spending money and grinding lol.

    So for me NG has painted the image I posted previously that it’s okay as long as bottom line is good!
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    @bladgier see I liked one of your posts 🤣😂
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    Discussing cheating, game exploits etc. is against forum rules so I'll be closing this thread. We've had similar discussions in the past, so for some clarity regarding exploits (not external cheats):

    First time offence gets a 1 week warning ban, and any further offence results in a permaban. Additionally, players who have been banned as a warning aren't allowed to participate in NW, we coordinate with Brian on this. So those who have exploited before last week were not allowed to participate in NW. Those who used exploits were issued the ban and their contribution was removed from the guild score - thus the final scores only take into account the scores of those who played fairly, so I don't see that anyone's efforts/spending were wasted here.

    + Using cheats results in an instant permaban.

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