Heroes not corresponding to level of training camp ?

DioZDioZ Member Posts: 15
I upgraded my training camp so my characters can be trained to level 20, but all the TWD heroes to be unlocked are still lvl 19. I unlocked one hero and it was indeed level 19. Shouldn't it be at max level of my training camp?


  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    Heroes get unlocked to the level of the highest level of survivor you have trained, not the training camp level. So you need to train one survivor/hero that you already have up to the highest level you can before unlocking the heroes.

    While it might not seem like it, in a way it does make a little sense. For instance, if you had upgraded your training camp a couple of levels but were still rocking lower level survivors/heroes, then unlocked a new hero at that higher level, it would potentially raise your RSL to a point where you would have a hard time completing missions, since you don't have a strong enough team to support that one hero. Example: Your current team is a lvl 10. You unlock a hero at lvl 12. Your scavenge missions on Hard bump up to lvl 15 instead of lvl 13 and you can no longer complete them easily.
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