What explosives are there to be set?

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    They keys are lit up so you've already set them. The secondary goal is probably go to exit if there is one, or kill the rest of the walkers
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    No, this is a bug. I encountered it recently on my alt account.

    Here is a link to the other recent discussion thread about it. It should have some pictures that detail where to search: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/402914

    From my memory, I just quickly noted it on your drawing too. The blue circles are where to place the explosives. If you drag your movement around there, the icon should change when it's the right location. If it doesn't automatically explode, I think the trigger is somewhere around the green:

    @zbot Responded to this last time, but I'm not sure who the best CM is to notify for bug issues. Whoever it is, can you still let NG know that this apparently hasn't been resolved.

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