Confession Box for Outpost Raids



  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    This is the lowest TG reward I have ever seen! How does he manage it? Moreover he is in the 5000+ tier.
  • mongo_nine_one_onemongo_nine_one_one Member Posts: 238
    errr... throwin Feces on the walls and ceiling...
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    > @Governator said:
    > (Quote)
    > Did you go in and trash the outpost? Nothing is more aggravating than breaking onto someone’s house and all they got is 21” Magnavox tube TV and a 1998 Panasonic VCR hooked up to it. At that point, the only satisfaction is vandalizing the place. :lol

    No I didn’t. Ain’t worth wasting gas on my Ferrari to find that. But this weekend is a different story, oil prices at an all time low.....bringing all my Lucilles this time
  • JimiFaithJimiFaith Member Posts: 860
    Lol they had it coming XD...
    Like this guy... Walking ALIVE...

    Are you provo...?
    This is wr...
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 701

    Is this an impostor or THE REAL THING!? B)
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 701
    I'll keep looking! ;)
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 701
    ... there should be only ONE. :|
  • FingerfoodFingerfood Member Posts: 965
    Sorry @Stelio 😂
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538
    edited February 2020
    How was my defense? @Wolfgang Did you almost have me?

  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 402
    Since I don’t care about leaderboards, once I hit 8000 I just take the TG. UNLESS:
    1. You block the TG
    2. You give your survivors immature or boastful names that reflect clear overcompensation for some other shortcomings
    3. You group all 3 defenders in one spot where it’s excessively easy to stun all 3 in one shot
  • dungeonmaster201dungeonmaster201 Member Posts: 120
    Magnusson, you really are a crate blocking ass I had to kill your lvl 27 defenders with level 22s to get the goods and now I need to wait 2 hours for the healing to happen
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 827
    There's a "Draw" button for that @dungeonmaster201
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,258
    edited March 2020
    I used to be like you guys...

    Dine and dash crate grabber.

    Long time ago with @OneLessTitan

    I still went by BigGuy back then.

    Now I just kill everything because they can't stop me.

    It's not arrogance or boasting, it's just the truth.

    Maybe there SHOULD be an elite Outpost mode where defenders get badges.

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  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 701
    Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out! :*
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538
    Gotta give all this credit to @SCBMA for the outpost defense tips........
    Must leave em scratching their heads like HUH!? HOW?!

  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538
    edited March 2020
    Damn. I get back from posting this and my team was dancing around another group. 😂😂😂 Didn’t even notice till I harvested my cans, crate, and exp points.

  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,295
    This guy turned the lights off?
    Eugene is afraid of the dark and refused to move more then 2 spaces at a time, must be a new hack?

  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 200
    When power company workers decide to stay home like everyone else
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,907
    Found Stu 🙂

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  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 701
    edited April 2020

    Is this you!?
    @xbamfx ?
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