Raids vs. Exploration Tours

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There are so many threads about rewards, risks, currencies etc. since outpost showed up so I am not sure if this specific question has come up. Couldnt find it, if there's a thread, pls show me.

To me is atm by far better going for 500 TG golden chests than to go on deadly exploration tours. Suggest you have 12 gas, go do 2 deadlies with a quite low chance getting a golden chest. Wait for an hour and do another one. On the other hand with 12 gas you can go raiding like forever and in my experience you can get 500 TG in 2.something raids. Plus, when your hospital has work to do, you can do the non-gentleman-like raids in warehouse or quarry with your B-Team.

This doesnt mean I dont take care of my outpost. As a "non-payer" my outpost is filled with a lot walkers up to level ten. I update them by taking benefit of the guild chests where you can get some k's quite quick. This and going for the 500 TG gold chests in between (atm upgrading pit for 18 hours) defends my TG from being raided.

I know "Times They Are A Changing" and outposts getting better and better but at this moment this is for me the way to go.

Drawback is that I just send my raiding team (hunter, hunter, shooter, all leg., lv16, golden Interrupt) to hospital against defender, all lv 17 with outpost power 73 for 500+ TG and all I got was (again) a lousy nothing! This need to fixed! (To make this statement the 583.333 time)

Thanks for your thoughts, take care! They are out there! (Meaning the dev's ;-)
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    @Illbrainer I was just about to hop in to discuss something along a similar thread.
    Although I have yet to spend my TGs on trading (all used for walker pit currently), I have been reading with expressed interest in all the contributions in other threads about the rewards and disappointment in being say 2 levels below the highest level survivor whether rare, epic or legendary.
    Those results sound similar to the gold tickets from the theatre, and rewards from exploration of xp and soup from my experience.
    However, as I keep plugging away at deadlies when time permits, yes I see that my gold ticket rewards when they appear are indeed same or +2 above my survivors level. I get that, that's why we do deadly. But as you say it depends on how often a gold ticket appears there (and I have had 3 legendary here too).

    My point is, with increasing the chance of more equivalent or better level gear in purchasing tickets with TG will that then not negate the purpose of doing deadlies?

    Sorry to be so long winded. And thank you for listening (resting my thumb now)
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    All of this is dependent on people not spending their TG. I think over time we will see people keeping less and less. Making it more in line with what the deadlies supply.
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    The trade good gold boxes simply cannot be the same as the gold boxes from deadlies , from all of the responses in multiple threads , it's obvious you are far more likely to receive gear under level of your maximum survivor from trade goods , I hope this is the balancing correction they have done. We will see this week..
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    Thanks guys. I should have pointed out, that it is not just for getting gear, but for resources als well. In deadlies I get 23k tomatoes from gold chest and 19k from buying a gold chest. So, no doubt, these chests have a lower value. But they keep coming!

    For getting gear, I think it is all about luck more than most players think (a little stupid to mention, als this should be clear). Cant recall the exact amount of 15 calls I did in a !row! to get 1 rare, 1 epic lv16 and 3 (three!) legendary, 2 lv17 one lv18! Get that by doing not more than 10 calls! In weekly challenge I just got an epic armor lv 18 (what the hell should I do with this, highest survivors are at 16 and Training Grounds needs to be updated). I still have to do so much updating (untouched legendary lv16gear) that I dont want to have more gear ;-)

    And yes, I also do think, this concept will not work forever for several reasons but atm still the best way to get cans and xp imo. And with some luck a usable gear also. But I think my luck is used up till christmas Time!

    Take care!
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    Actually I thought with the price increasement the issues on outpost would also be fixed! Atm the answer to my question is obvious.
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