Power strike & follow through

Hey guys,

I've generally re rolled 80% of my guys, but im finding 'power strike', from stabby rick & gabriel , warrior jesus & michonne, to 'follow through' on bruiser eugene & neegan,
I'm seeing these traits more & more on regular survivors also.

I'd like as everyone the perfect unicorn & appreciate different playing styles from offensive to defensive, but where do these traits fall within the acceptable realm of things..

Yes we all like to inflict huge damage but also enjoy walkers & fatties coming within 3 spaces , while chipping away at their health with the spear & pitchfork.

Is their any definitive answer to either keeping, rerolling or enjoying these traits.


  • imnfictionimnfiction Member Posts: 206
    Follow through is a waste on bruiser. Aim for Lucky, Punish, Retaliate and Dodge. Iron Skin is acceptable till you can replace it with the badges and equipment. Definitely re-roll it.

    Power strike works wonders on scouts and warriors who are equipped with tactical weapons like Dragon's Tongue or Tactical Spear. Same as sure shot on shooters with winter bow. Enjoy it. FT and Vigilant are also acceptable depending on your play style.
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  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 324
    On a non-hero scout i would say to take vigilant over follow through as a 5th trait .
  • tustus Member Posts: 231
    Thanks @imnfiction + @euchid
  • BillBellamyBillBellamy Member Posts: 2
    I've got both vigilant and follow through on my top scout and am really appreciating that combination with a pitchfork.
  • tustus Member Posts: 231
    Hi guys,
    Ok, so I rerolled my bruiser, opting to get rid of follow through, making perfect sense from the replies earlier.

    I'm given options for Iron skin & power strike.

    Ordinarily I'd opt for iron skin right away, but now I'm reading power strike = "attacks made on your turn again 43% final damage, & 43% critical damage if you haven't moved " ,
    I'm just thinking of the many times bruises face a wall of opponents

    Iron skin would necessarily give me a bruiser unicorn, but where do we stand with power strike on a bruiser.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,716
    Bruisers are made for taking hits, not dealing damage. A lot of the time, breaking the stun wall with a Bruiser is counterproductive. Iron Skin, no brainer.
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,054
    The only reason to take PS would be if you have plenty of legendary DR badges and a tactical staff/Lucille to get to max without needing IS.
  • tustus Member Posts: 231
    Thanks guys @JayZ & @WellyLuga ... iron skin it is.... appreciate that insight about DR badges & tactical
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