BETA Leadership Trait



  • Carl_Tyreese999Carl_Tyreese999 Member Posts: 51
    Fluxxx said:

    Cronus said:

    This was one of my first attempts with Beta. Recording starts after the first move or two. A bit like having to learn to prowl when HDaryl first came out.


    I like how you posted the video without any mention of Rick being behind the fence :D could you walk me through how that happened?
    @Fluxxx I've noticed the same type of issue on the "New Home" map on the "Fouled Prison" challenge set
  • AngelspitAngelspit Member Posts: 17
    So, how have you guys been using Beta so far?
    Alone or as a leader?
    In any specific mission type?
    With what weapon?

    The new ability is super fun, but most of the time my usual heroes would have done a better job (in less time).
  • SpadincoSpadinco Member Posts: 16
    Today in GW I was rolling with Daryl as leader with Eugene and Beta. I was running for the finish line and Beta used prowl on the first walker he passed and then Herded the next walker he passed. That was extremely timely and useful. I didn't know he could use both in the same move.
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